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Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Did you ever notice  how different scents go better with different people? That's because we are all different and at Pinrose, they allow you to find scents that are perfect for you and come at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality.  Their scents are created by the best perfumers in the world using the best ingredients out there.  Pinrose sends you samples to try at home after giving you results from a quiz to help best suit your taste. 

They come in little sample packs called Petals, which are scented towelettes that give you more control over the sampling process.  When I took teh quiz my results were Merry Maker, Ballroom Philosopher, and Campfire Rebel!

Campfire Rebel was nice and earthy and reminded me of camping.  The sample had a nice vanilla hint to it and it was perfect to wear around the house or when running errands.  It made me feel really relaxed.

Merry Maker was definitely my favorite! It was fruinty and floral and had hints of nectarine, rose, and plum.  This is a nice flirty scent to wear for a night out or on a hot date! 

And Ballroom Philosopher... so elegant and classy with floral hints of peony and a touch of sandalwood.  This is a very sexy scent and it made me feel beautiful whenever I caught a whiff! 

Even if you don't choose to purchase the full size scent that you love, you can continue sampling to find more matches.  The quiz was so easy to take and the website was easy to navigate.   I feel like Pinrose TOTALLY catered to my needs!

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