On The Dot// Perfect Spot + A Giveaway

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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I'm all about organization and cute decor in the home so when I learned about On The Dot Perfect Spot I was floored! 

You see when it comes to feminine products like tampons and pads, we tend to either hide them in cramped cabinet, or they sit out and it looks embarassing if you have last minute company stop by.  That's what One The Dot Perfect Spot is for!
Everything you need to store can be kept discreetly in this adorable little dispenser.  There are several patterns to choose from and I love mine!
It's so lightweight when I have to move it around and honestly it's designed by a genius because it's not hard to get into and it doesn't fall over!   I love the beautiful decorative knob on the top which makes it super easy to get into even with one hand. 

You can set it up any way you choose whether you want to stack pads on the bottom and put tampons in the little drawer or if you want to do it another way that's fine too!   
I can't get enough of this thing.  And you know what, if you decide to use it for something else, that's fine too! Want a discreet place for your feminine wipes and creams? Here ya go!

The On The Dot Perfect Spot looks great in my bathroom and I can't wait for when I move into my own house and can put it there! 


And one lucky winner will get an organizer/dispenser of their own!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. I like the California Sister pattern. Great idea, would like great in my bathroom ;-)

  2. I love the pattern shown above :)

  3. I mostly love the one that you got, but I have white, pink, beige and kelly green in my bathroom so the lighter colored ones would work too!


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