Top Five Reasons the Cuff Bracelet is the Perfect Accessory

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Five Reasons the Cuff Bracelet is the Perfect Accessory

Striking cuff bracelets are appearing on fashionablewrists around the globe. These bold statement pieces may appear intimidating to some, but there is no reason to fear this currenttrend. There is a style of cuff to suit any personality and finish any outfit, making it perhaps the perfect accessory.


The cuff bracelet is truly a chameleon. Chunky beaded bracelets can add a funky edge to an otherwise plain ensemble, while a sleek silver band can create a solid focal point that tones down an outfit heavy on pattern and texture. The cuff can easily transition from day to evening or from work to play. This versatility makes it a particularly important and attractive addition to anyone’s jewelry box.


The human wrist is often on the move. From shaking hands with clients to typing reports, and from cooking and cleaning to dancing and dining, a person’s hands are extremely active and bracelets are exposed to any number of potential dangers. Thin bangles and chains can be easily snagged, scraped, or damaged. The bulky cuff, however, is more suited to withstand the rigors associated with adorning a busy wrist. Today’s hectic lifestyles allow little room for worrying about harming or losing a coveted accessory, which is why the sturdy cuff is a wise choice for active people everywhere.


There is little danger that the cuff will get lost beneath a sleeve. These thick bracelets are sure to draw attention. Whether it is a band of sparkly gems or a golden flower wrapping around a wrist, a cuff is sure to be noticed. Anyone hoping to make a big statement with a single piece of jewelry should consider investing in a cuff bracelet. 


The cuff bracelet has beenaround for a long time. Worn by Ancient Egyptians, Incans, Mayans, and Greeks, the cuff has adorned soldiers heading to battle as well as mighty kings and powerful queens. Today the cuff retains some measure of its lofty history and is both exotic and exquisitely classic. Evoke the majesty and mystery of the past with this beautiful and versatile accessory.


Bracelets are notoriously difficult to clasp, especially without assistance. The ingenious array of latches and hooks and snaps invented to keep bracelets around one’s wrist must still necessarily be connected one-handed and can take several tries to attach successfully on the best of days. The cuff requires no such focus or dexterity. Many cuffs have a slight bend that allows them to slip on easily and adjust to a variety of wrist widths. Once attached, they are unlikely to fall off accidentally and are therefore more difficult to lose. Anyone looking to minimize the amount of time it takes to prepare for the day would appreciate the ease of the cuff.

The cuff bracelet provides maximum impact with minimum effort. It is easy to wear and can be found in any style and to suit any budget. Its sturdy design, once the sign of royalty, has stood the test of time and will complement today’s full schedules and hectic days. There is a cuff bracelet that will work for anyone, making it today’s ideal accessory.

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