All Time Tools Toolbox Review

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When you think of a toolbox, you might think of a large one on wheels, often called a tool chest, or you may think of a small convenient one to carry the essentials.  That's why I like the options at All Time Tools, because you can get any kind or size of toolbox you may need. There is a huge selection and everything is reasonably priced, with detailed descriptions for each item.  It's a great website to go to if you need a gift idea for any guy in your life.

I received an Excel Portable Toolbox which I gave to my boyfriend for his use.  He needs certain tools for his job and certain tools for at home so this is perfect for him because he plans to pick out the tools he needs for work, keep them in this toolbox, and keep it in his work van. 

This toolbox is great because it's roomy enough to fit even the longest of tools but it's not overly bulky and can easily be carried around.  I love the bright red color, making it easy to find in a garage full of stuff! This is also a very durable toolbox, meaning it can take a few bumps and hits from being used everyday, which is very important when you want to protect your tools so they aren't getting banged up and broken!

Next time you are searching for a great gift idea for a guy, especially something they can use everyday, look no further than All Time Tools!

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