BIC Razors for Men & Women Review & *Giveaway* Ends 6/24

Monday, June 17, 2013

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BIC is known for it's great consumer products especially their razors, which is why I was not super surprised that they came out with some great razors lately that help with legs AND bikini lines!       And they also have a great razor for guys, the disposable Flex 4 razor which has 4 blades for a closer, safer shave.  I received these for my boyfriend and he loves them.   They are easy to hold and manuever and no need to worry about obnoxious nicks and scars!

But, wait till you hear about the other razors I received from BIC!   The BIC Soleil Shave & Trim is the FIRST disposable razor with a slide-on and slide-off bikini trimmer!  This is EXACTLY what every girl needs and I am so glad it finally exists now!  There are three flexible blades for a smooth close shave and a lubricated strip with Vitamin E so your skin will stay soft and hydrated.   The pivoting head is perfect for hard to reach areas and makes it very easy to use this.  Plus, I LOVE the packaging!

For my legs, the BIG Soleil Bella I received is perfect for summertime in shorts! It has 4 easy rinse blades so you can rinse your razor off from the front of the back.  It also has coconut milk infused into the moisture strip.   I love the curvy non slip handle and the perfect size of this razor!
And five winners will get a sample of each razor in my giveaway!
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  1. I like the Soleil shimmer system

  2. A girl can never have too many razors! I like the Soleil shimmer clic.

  3. I love the lighters and SOLEIL razors.

  4. I like the X PEN.

  5. I like the SPEEDY™
    First correction tape with training wheels



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