My Happiness Project - June - Make Time for Friends

Saturday, June 1, 2013

photo by Pensierovia PhotoRee

I am halfway through the year whic means I'm half way through My Happiness Project for 2013!!!   My goal for June is to Make Time For Friends.  This is important for me since I cherish the few close friends that I do have!

Ways I will do this are:
1. Spend more time with my close friends
2.  Keep in touch better
3.  Remember special occassions
1. Spend More Time with My Close Friends.
This is going to be even more easy than I thought!  I spent some time with Daniela helping her clean her house and now she wants me to organize it! I'm so excited! I'm going to learn to say yes more when me and my boyfriend are invited to do something.

2.  Keep in touch better.
Even if it's just a weekly email or text, I'm going to make more attempts to be the one to check in on my close friends.   Even if it interrupts a task I'm working on or my daily routine.

3. Remember Special Occassions.
I will remember and do something special for my close friend's birthdays, their kid's birthdays, and celebrate other milestones like graduation etc!

Check back at the end of the month to see how I reached my goal!

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