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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ThePinkPanel is the best way to keep up with the latest beauty and skincare trends because when you sign up, you will be able to try out new samples of new products, enter into weekly product giveaways from them, give feedback and reviews before these products hit shelves, and even get paid!

The PinkPanel is basically a community of women (like me) obsessed with beauty and enjoy skincare products and makeup and finding ways to make taking care of your appearance even more enjoyable!  It's like working behind the scenes and getting to have fun all at the same time!

Some of the rewards you can get if you join ThePinkPanel are Amazon gift cards, deluxe beauty samples, and product giveaways!  And ThePinkPanel is giving away three $250 Sephora gift cards to new members that sign up in June so be sure that when you fill out the form to sign up you mention ASK AWAY!! 

I received  some samples from ThePinkPanel and I love them!! These aren't just tiny little samples, they are full sized products.  The Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers are so cool and perfect for me because I love the design and I love nail stickers because they last longer on my nails than nail polish!!  And they can go on your toes or your fingers!

So... what are you waiting for..sign up! 
To sign up and join ThePinkPanel go here: 

And be sure to like their Facebook here: 

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