nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin System Review

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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nuNAAT is a brand of haircare products that uses the finest ingredients from all over the planet to utilize the powers of nuts, berries, fruits, and plants in order to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.  nuNAAT was originally inspired by the natural resources found in Brazil's rainforest regions.   Using science and nature, the carefully crafted product line solved hair issues for all different types of hair and hair conditions. 

I received the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin System for review.  It included: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in reconstructor, and shine serum.   This system works with all hair types and it repairs cuticle damage.  I have a lot of cuticle damage in my hair and it sometimes is why it gets so frizzy.   After the first two weeks of using this, I noticed that my hair was a lot stronger.  It was as if every single piece of hair had been strengthened and there was much less breakage.  My hair was very soft and shiny.   After 4 weeks, it was amazing how much I didn't have to worry about "poofy" and frizzy hair, even in the rain.  At first I was shocked, but now I am used to it and I am sure to let everyone know how my hair stays so lovely even in the humid rainy weather.

Another benefit of the Brazilian Keratin System from nuNAAT is that it's free of harsh chemicals and ingredients such as formaldehyde and sodium chloride.   The shampoo and conditioner worked into a beautifully rich lather and the bottles lasted a long time.  I love the mask, which I used twice a week and definitely saw results from.  It soaked into my hair and wasn't goopy or runny.   The shine serum was perfect for before and after blow drying, straightening, and styling my hair.  It really helped seal the cuticle and my hair looked like I just came out of the salon.  And the leave in treatment was great to use on a weekly basis and I also loved the smell and the texture.

You can find these products, not only on the nuNAAT website but at select Walgreens and Walmart stores.   If you have a Beauty Supply store or a Navarro Pharmacy near you, you can fine nuNAAT there as well. 

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