CarDecor Safari Floor Mats Review

Monday, June 24, 2013

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Ladies, it's okay if you aren't a car expert like some guys out there are.  I know that my boyfriend is always doing things to modify his car.  As for me, well I'm satisfied with just styling it up a bit, even just on the interior,  which is why I love!  They have an awesome selection of car decorations for girls at a great price!! 

They have all kinds of items from floormats, to stickers and magnets, and even seat belt and headrest accessories!

As you can see, I received Textured Zebra Gray Floor Mats from   There are 2 front and 2 rear mats.  THey are made from a durable gray carpet and have non-skid backing.  They are compatible with most all vehicles.  I love the perfect size - 17x26 front and 17x13 back and I love how stylish yet subtle these look.  I was worried they might look tacky but the gray is perfect with my gray interior!   My old floor mats were so dirty and grungy even after I cleaned them so this was a nice change after 6 years!

I take pride in my car, especially since I worked so hard to get it and pay it off so I like celebrating it by decorating it up a bit and showing it off. I already received many compliments about these mats and I must say, I love getting in my car and seeing them everyday! SO ladies, if you are bored with your car, spice it up with some decorations and other accessories from!

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