10 Self Defense Tips for Women

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

You may have remembered my post a few years back where I shared what I truly believe was an attempted abduction when I was a child. I’ve always been in tune with my gut and I truly believe that and some stuff I’d seen on TV saved me from that potential experience. But as a woman, at any age, you can still be a victim or even just a target. That’s why today I wanted to share some self defense tips for women.

#1 Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts are a gift. Your gut and brain and body will send you warning signs when they sense something is off, before you can even logically figure it out for yourself. Ever wonder how a deer notices you are watching him through a window even though there’s no way he can see you? We all have a sense that tells us DANGER. Do NOT ignore it. Don’t reason with yourself that you need to be kind and friendly to someone just because they’ve approached you. You do not owe anyone anything. Seriously!!! You don’t need to engage in chitchat. Not everyone is a predator but that’s not your problem. Worst case scenario, you blow someone off that isn’t a predator. But you’re alive and better safe than sorry. If you feel you’re being watched, followed, or you just get a dark vibe from someone, listen to it. Remove yourself from the situation immediately and go somewhere you feel safer.

#2 Know Your Surroundings

This doesn’t mean you need to be familiar with the city you’re vacationing in necessarily, but it does mean that you need to in the moment be paying attention to everything around you. Having your face buried in your phone as you walk through an alley alone is a BAD choice. You’re literally a walking target. Pay attention to everything and everyone around you. Don’t let yourself be an easy target.

#3 Acknowledge and Look

If someone is trying to engage with you and you sense they could be a potential predator, make eye contact. Look them dead in the eye. And acknowledge that you see them. This can often make a predator see that you’re not a good target. You see him, you are not afraid to acknowledge he’s there, and he may be in for more than he bargained for. You don’t need to engage in conversation with anyone at all, but if someone is trying to engage you in conversation, feel free to answer strongly and sternly. If they comment on the weather, keep it short and almost rude, but be stern. “YEP!” you can say with a straight, almost annoyed face.

#4 Get Loud

If someone tries ANYTHING on you, YELL. Draw attention. A loud and firm NO! can sometimes do the trick.

#5 Surprise Him

Someone who preys on women does so because they assume they won’t fight back. Well, that’s where you need to prove them wrong. Even if he does try to grab you or hit you, FIGHT BACK INSTANTLY. He will likely not be expecting it and chances are he’ll give up and run off. DO NOT PURSUE. Run the opposite direction to get help. But seriously, don’t be all ready in a karate stance, stand your ground, keep space between you and your potential threat, and watch for any sudden move so you can INSTANTLY REACT.


Honestly, you don’t need to be trained in a formal self defense class, although it may help. Remember to just get down and dirty if you are fighting back to save yourself. Use the heel of your palm to bash him straight in the nose. Stab him in the eyes with your fingers or keys. Knee him in the groin. These are some important strategies that can immediately stop an attack and buy you time to run. And if you happen to be on the ground or in a vulnerable position when you’re attacked, STILL fight back. Kick, punch, poke, and jab. But don’t commit to fighting your attacker if you aren’t going to complete the job. Fight and GET AWAY. If you don’t try to get away, you may just end up angering him even more.

#7 Look for an Exit

Just like I did when I was being followed as a kid, I quickly noticed I had the perfect opportunity to deter this guy from approaching me. If you are out in public walk up to a stranger, tell them you think you’re in trouble and that they should pretend to talk to you like they know you. Run to a home and bang until they let you in. Enter a store or other public place to remove yourself from the isolation of being a victim.

#8 Call for Help

Obviously call 911 as soon as you reach safety or if you don’t think you can get to safety, call them then. If it’s before what you think may be an attack, feel free to call them and quickly say I have someone I think is following me and I feel unsafe, can you hang on the line with me? And then tell them your location.

#9 Dress Smart

Now, I am in no way, shape, or form telling you that what you wear or how you look will make you a victim, but what I’m saying is to be smart. If you’re out in a new city by yourself, high heels may not allow you to run from an attacked. Wear something you can actually run to safety in. Wear clothing with pockets so you can carry pepper spray, your phone, etc. if you don’t have a handbag on you. And if you do have a handbag, wear it in front of you so no one can try to grab it from behind or come at you from the side.

#10 Get Crafty with Weapons

Keys, pens, jewelry, and even your bag itself can be a weapon. Stab, scratch, poke, hit when you’re being attacked. Go for the sensitive areas that will be sure to take someone down even just for a few minutes. But, if you are under attack, don’t go back for your purse or wallet. Get yourself to safety immediately. Nothing is worth more than your own life!

Do you have any other tips that can help other women?


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