Spring DIY Projects To Try

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Now that many of us are in lockdown due to COVID-19, and we cannot leave the house without a real reason for doing so, it is the ideal time for us to get down to business and do some DIY.

There are plenty of home projects we likely need to complete during the spring before summer comes along and it is important for us to get these done while we have the time to do so.

Here are some of the simple and essential home projects you should do this spring while you are at home!
Clear the gutter

The gutters are not only important for the flow of water along the home, but gutters can also be a breeding ground for one summer pest we all hate: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love still warm water and if your guttering is blocked they will use this as a perfect excuse to lay their eggs. Get cleaning and make sure the gutter stays dry.

Patch the roof

First Costa, then Dennis… storms were incredibly rife and damaging during the early months of the year. Now is the time for some storm damage restoration and the roof is the place to start. Look out for cracked or fallen roof tiles and also think about insulation within the inside of the roof. Remember that the roof is the most important part of the home and you must maintain it.

Inspect the walls

As well as the roof of the house, the exterior walls often suffer with some damage during storms and with general wear and tear over time. It is important to check for cracks and holes in the walls especially close to the foundation or near windows and gutters.

Check the chimney

If you are one of those households that still has a chimney, it is time to get to grips with this part of the house and take a closer look. Make sure the chimney is stable and sealed, and also if the flute comes all the way through the home make sure that it is clean!

Look for nests

Before you get too trigger happy with the DIY during this quarantine period, think about any nests or infestations that may be in or around the house. Pests such as wasps love to camp out close to windows as well as under the roof, so be sure to check if these are present and get rid of them before you start decorating your home.

Repair the Foundation

The foundation of the home provides a stable surface for the home to rest on, and it also provides a barrier from the elements and water that may run underneath the home and may cause issues such as damp and mould. It is important for you to check the state of the foundation now and again close to the walls of the house and ensure that there are no cracks that could allow a water leakage into the brickwork of the home. Seal up any cracks or holes you see to keep the home safe.

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