How to Change Up Your Office Decor on a Budget

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Photo by The Coach Space from Pexels

If you’re tired of what your office looks like, then the chances are that your employees feel the same way. Give the décor a facelift without going outside of the budget. It just takes some planning and creativity. To help you start the process, here are some great ideas.

Get Feedback from Your Team

Ask those who work in the office what changes they’d like to see; it could be visual elements like the artwork or the functionality of the space. Given they spend so much time there, these people can provide valuable insights.

Moreover, by involving employees, you’ll help them feel like they’re an important part of the team. Research shows that when checking in with employees regularly helps them find greater meaning in their jobs.

Bring in an Interior Designer

A professional can help you decide what to buy and how to reuse what you already have in the office. One of the first things this person will likely suggest is new lighting to brighten up the space.

Consider choosing an efficient lighting source like LEDs, including the T8 bulb. Not only can they save you on the electricity bill but also, they demonstrate to your team that your business cares about the environment.

Decor Decisions

While the interior designer offers choices, it’s up to you as the owner to make the final decisions. One option is to have an accent wall with a different color than the rest of the office space; it can be unique in paint color or wallpaper.

Plants too, are a way to add a punch of color. Certain plants also help to purify the air; bamboo palms are one example. Just be sure that no one in the workspace has allergies to any of the greenery.

Functional Choices

As well as improving the look of the space, décor can provide practicality. For example, look at places to add storage space.

Open wall space can be a terrific location for additional shelves. Put reference manuals and supplies like printer paper on it.

Saving Money with Gently Used Items

Second-hand stores are not only fun to shop around but also can save you a bundle. Find items still in great condition there; people often donate old office furniture when they move locations, retire, or go out of business.

Most people won’t even know that the items aren’t brand new. They’re new to your office and work well, so why not save money by buying used? If something needs refinishing, simply do so before bringing it into the office.

Final Words on Budget Decorating for the Workplace

Even with a small office, there are a lot of ways to infuse new life into it. The main objective of the renovation is two-fold. Firstly, provide a comfortable yet productive environment for your staff.

Secondly, create a professional ambiance for any clients who enter the space, giving them a fantastic first impression of your business. It’s worth doing your homework on what design best suits your office to improve efficiency and keep those who work there happy.

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