5 Life-Changing Home Upgrades

Sunday, March 15, 2020

While you likely still love your house, if you come in the front door and regularly sigh at the changes to do to it, then now is the time to make some improvements. Consider doing these five home upgrades to make your life easier.

1. Remote-Control Lights

By connecting your smartphone to smart lights that function via remote control for convenience. They’re straightforward to set up as part of a home automation system.

Typically, they can function from as far as 150 feet away, and they can operate via a timer, so you don’t even have to think about turning on or off the lights. If you prefer the manual option, simply press the remote control to turn the lights on or off and to dim them.

They also don’t have to only connect to a smartphone. Other ways to integrate the smart lights include a laptop, Siri, Alexa, and Apple Watch.

2. Central Air Conditioner

If someone in your home has asthma or allergies, an air conditioner at home can improve their quality of life. The system helps circulate and filter indoor air, which reduces irritants that can exacerbate health issues.

If your in-home air conditioner doesn’t work right, get it fixed safely and easily by professionals like tekclimate. Do so before a heat spell so you won’t have to feel uncomfortable and sweaty.
3. Under-bed Rolling Storage

If you’re running out of storage space or are tired of looking at piles of items around the house, then make use of the valuable storage space beneath the bed. Get drawers from old dressers available for free or low-cost through Facebook groups, if you don’t already have one in the garage.

Then put wheels on the bottoms of two or three drawers to roll under the bed. Fill them with seasonal clothing, shoes, and other items. Then when you want them, simply pull out the drawers. Only you will know they’re even there!
4. Smart Faucets

When you upgrade your kitchen, don’t skip the faucet. Get a smart faucet that not only looks more modern than the old one but, more importantly, reduces the spread of bacteria.

Unlike the traditional kind, this new one works via IR sensor or touch technology to turn on, rather than turning a handle. Immediately after getting one, you’ll notice that cooking is much easier as you don’t worry about passing germs along from handles while touching raw meat and the water pours easily.

For young kids too, it’s a great thing in the bathroom! They can now brush their teeth and wash their hands, whereas before they couldn’t if they had trouble reaching the handles because of their short height.
5. Laundry Folding Station

If you’re tired of folding laundry on the bed or couch, then create a folding station within the laundry room. Put a narrow table at the side, if there’s room, where you can sort and fold socks, shirts, pants, and other clothing items.

If there’s no room to add a table, then create a surface on top of the side-by-side washer and dryer. Building a wood counter that sits across the top of the appliances serves as a convenient place to fold laundry – ta-da!

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