Why the Hawk is My Spirit Animal

Friday, March 6, 2020

We often see a funny gif circulating of a squirrel or other animal and we share it with the caption “this is my spirit animal” but today I’m talking about LEGIT spirit animals. Spirit animals exist in many cultures and spiritual paths where they believe a specific animal represents a spirit which helps guide or protect them on their journey. They also resonate with the characteristics they share with this animal.

Spirit animals can be discovered by paying attention to any animals you see in your dreams, thinking about which animals you feel really drawn to, and even animals that seem to always be around you when you’re out in nature, that invoke a certain emotion in you when you see them. Some people are captivated by a single type of bird at their feeder, some people ALWAYS see deer in their backyard and may even experience the deer staring right at them, and some people may just have always had a fascination with a certain animal (even one that’s not native to their country) since childhood.

There are books on spirit animals and you can always search the internet for the meaning of different animals, but I like to do my own thing where I simply think about why I am so drawn to this animal whenever I see it and what it may be telling me or signifying to me whenever it pops up into my life.

My spirt animal is the hawk. Ever since I was a kid, I’d be captivated by hawks. We grew up with a creek in our backyard so where there is water, there is plenty of prey. Hawks would often be seen circling and even diving towards the water to grab a fish with their talons. When I would ride in the car with my parents I’d ALWAYS notice the hawks nearby and would stop talking just to stare at them. Then as I got older and started taking walks in the woods near my neighborhood, I noticed that a single hawk would always appear in a tree and seem to stare right at me. Almost anywhere I’d go, I could look up at the same moment a hawk would be flying nearby, often landing right there in front of my line of sight.

To this day it still happens and each time I take something different from it. But before I get into that, I want to answer the question of WHY the hawk is my spirit animal. Now, technically it did sort of choose me in a way, but I also see squirrels all the time, I just don’t resonate with them at much. With hawks, I truly wish I could be them for a day. They are large and powerful with beautiful marking. They are strong and agile. They can soar anywhere they want to see what’s going on and when they are spotted, their prey respect their power so much they hide because they know it’s a true threat for them. Hawks are fearless. They will grab their prey and then feast on it in your own backyard while you stand there watching. They could care less. I’ve also noticed when hawks are in my backyard, a variety of other birds will try to shoo them away by flying at them and grabbing at them with their talons. The hawk is never phased though. They just keep circling and eventually decide to fly off on THEIR terms.

To me, the hawk embodies it’s own power and authority. It knows it’s a powerful, strong, beautiful, bad ass bird of prey and it embraces that and goes on it’s merry way. Hawks have a certain expression on their face at all times, like “Yea, it’s me. What you gonna do about it?”

Sometimes when I see a hawk right in front of me, I take it as a reminder that I am strong and wise and what I’m going through in my struggles of life is something I CAN concur, I just need to believe that. Sometimes when I see a hawk, it reminds me to be fearless and afraid of nothing. Sometimes it even reminds me to take better care of myself. Other times I get a simple “you are not alone” message from it.

The hawk is a BEAUTIFUL creature and I’ve always resonated so strongly with it. What’s YOUR spirit animal?


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  1. Mine is the eagle, my great grandfather gave me the the name white eagle when I was born. My entire life when I see an eagle I get a warmth in my heart and tears in my eyes, I feel as if he is talking to me.


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