How Much CBD Should You Give Your Pets?

Friday, March 27, 2020

CBD products are a very popular treatment for a wide range of physical and mental health issues, and they can also be very effective for treating pets. As a pet owner, it is very distressing when you see that your cat or dog is nervous and anxious or that they are in pain. Sometimes, you may feel a bit helpless because it doesn’t seem like there is anything that you can do to help them, but CBD products can make a very big difference to your pet’s overall wellbeing.

CBD can help to reduce separation anxiety in pets, so if you have a dog that barks excessively or chews up the house when you leave, giving them CBD can help to calm them. It is also a very effective pain reliever so if your pet has a condition that causes them constant pain, CBD products can help to make them more comfortable. The right dose of CBD has also been shown to treat seizures in pets and it is a great alternative to the standard medication for these conditions, which can damage the liver.

When you are giving CBD to your pets, it is very important that you get the dosage right. Smaller doses are effective for reducing general anxiety and improving overall health, but if you want to treat a more specific condition, like seizures or excessive pain, you may need a larger dose. This great infographic will help you to determine the right CBD dosage for your pets so you can improve their wellbeing and ensure that they are safe.

Infographic Design By HolistaPet

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