Before You Unpack Those Boxes… Your Priorities After Moving Into Your New Home

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A new home is a new start and when we've got the keys to the property and finally stepped in through the door after months and months of teetering on the edge you have finally got a place that is all yours! But for some people, this is where certain problems can start to rear their heads. Perhaps there are structural issues that need addressing or there are other components that need prioritizing. With this in mind after you've moved into a new home what are your biggest priorities?

Changing Your Locks

You have no idea who has got access to the property. It's a good idea to get a locksmith around as soon as possible to change the locks. As soon as you've done this you can rest easy. Because you've moved into a property that might have changed hands quite a few times you have no idea who's got keys or even if the locks have been changed at all over the last few decades!

Finding The Circuit Breaker

Even if you're not electrically minded there will be times when you need to replace a fuse or reset one of the numerous circuit breakers. If you just moved into the property and the power goes out, do you know where it is? The usual location for circuit breakers tends to be in storage closets or hallways. If they aren’t located there it's usually in the basement or can be outside.

Look At The HVAC System

It's a good idea to get someone to check out your HVAC system a week or so after you've moved in. It's one of those systems that if it breaks down you will spend a lot of money getting it fixed. It's a good idea for you to inspect the heating and cooling units on a regular basis just to see if there's something not quite right. If it looks like repairs are needed it's crucial to get on top of these as soon as possible.

Assessing Urgent Home Maintenance Needs

If you aren't at all knowledgable in the ways of DIY it might be a good idea to do some homework. In any home, there can be signs of wear and tear or there could be a small leak that has been left to progress over time. When you start to become a bit more hands-on with regards to DIY you can start to do things like landscaping or cleaning the gutters. But the great thing is that there's plenty of resources online to get you started. If you can hammer a nail into a wall you can build up your home maintenance skills in no time!

Think About Your Home Security

It all depends on where you live. You may live in a nice neighborhood but you don't know if there has been a wave of crime recently. It's always a good idea to get a security system installed and if there's a neighbourhood watch scheme, you should join it.

A new home is a new start so make sure that you are on top of the most pressing issues.

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