10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Friday, March 20, 2020

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another fun post and some easy enjoyable reading. I was thinking lately about the things I always say I could not live without. People excluded of course (because I could always live without other humans, kidding!) So this list is 10 things that make my life easier, make my life complete, or just make me flat out happy.

#1 My Dogs

Y’all, I’m serious! I don’t even go on vacations because I hate being without my wolfpack. My dogs are quite literally my life and of course since I don’t have children, that makes me even more codependent on them. They are my reason to get up at 5:15 every morning, mostly because I don’t have a choice when they’re crying and running around, and they’re my reason for sleeping soundly each night as they all have their spots curled against my body.

#2 My Hair Straightener

Seriously though, I need it. Even if I let my hair airdry, I still need my flat iron. You see when people talk about their hair air drying and they have completely smooth and flat hair, I scoff. If I don’t do a damn thing to my hair it looks like cave woman. Each individual strand kinks and waves. It’s a hot mess. Of course I’d need a power outlet too but that’s another story.

#3 Central Air

I do not know how people back in the day survived without it, nor do I care to ever find out. I run hot so central air is the key to my happiness. I literally feel sick when it’s muggy or too hot and I can not sleep (soundly, at least) if my bedroom is stuffy and warm. I regularly bow down to praise the central air gods.

#4 Sunglasses

I wear sunglasses ALL the time. I have green eyes and I have contacts/glasses. So my eyes are sensitive in bright light. They’re also sensitive on rainy days when the light reflects off the water and also in the snow when I’m nearly blinded just driving down my street on a sunny day when there’s snow still on the grass. I wear them like ALL the time. I don’t go anywhere without them. I also hate squinting which is good because it gives you wrinkles, so I better look like I’m 30 for the next 40 years!

#5 Books

Any book, doesn’t matter what it’s about… I just love to read. I read about 3-4 library books per week. Reading lets me escape, it lets my brain expand, and it’s basically free if you are borrowing the book. And I don’t mean an e-book either, I mean a tangible real life book. I like the smell, I like the sound of the pages crackling open, and I like the physical act of turning the pages.

#6 My Orthotic Sandals

Laugh all you want, but they are the comfiest things in the world. It’s all I wear in the summer and I even wear them around the house in the winter. I used to have plantar fasciitis in my early twenties so I learned the hard way that arch support is important at any age. Bonus points because they’re super lightweight so they’re easy to pack if I’m going somewhere.

#7 My Phone

Okay, I held out long enough but I do need my phone. It’s how I stay in touch with loved ones, update my social media, and how I look up interesting things that I randomly ponder. Also – fun fact – I’ve never dropped my phone and cracked it. It’s also never been stolen and I’ve never left it somewhere. I always keep it in a specific pocket in my purse.

#8 My Pandora Stations

I absolutely adore Pandora, so much so that I even pay the $5 a month to get it without advertisements. I love that by liking specific songs and artists, a personal playlist has been create for me that tailors to my every need. Music is the soundtrack to life so I can’t even explain the happiness I feel as I wait for the next amazing song to pop up as I’m doing crafts, exercising, or just lounging around.

#9 Self Care Sundays

Every Sunday I have renamed Self Care Sunday. Sundays are reserved for no set plans unless I really want to commit to something. I can do whatever I want whenever I want on Sundays and it’s the best way that I’ve found to combat the Sunday scaries when you start dreading the work week starting back up again. I really truly do love this ritual of mine. In the summer I lounge outback in the sun and in the winter I read books and stay cozy all day.

#10 My Blog

I’ve been doing it almost 10 years now and I wouldn’t know what to with myself without it. Seriously!! I adore my readers and the friends I’ve made through blogging and it helps me thrive both inside and out.

What are 10 things YOU couldn’t live without?

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