What to Look for in a Belt Gun Holster

Monday, March 23, 2020

Choosing the right gun holster for your needs is almost as important as choosing the right gun for your needs. There is no one perfect holster out there, but a good holster should be comfortable to wear, fit the style you're looking for, and be able to be concealed or not (depending on what you'd rather it do). Below are some specifics to look for when purchasing a gun holster which can be attached to a belt.


When it comes to comfort in a gun holster, the main thing to look for is what the holster is made out of. Depending on the brand, (with some great brands being Galco, Undertech, and desantis holsters) you will be able to pick from a variety of materials.
Typically, holsters are made out of leather, suede, or Kydex. All of these materials have their own pros and cons. Kydex holsters are usually the thinnest but not the most comfortable. Leather's comfort depends mostly on the weather, as it can get hot on summer days. Suede is one of the best materials to look for, as it is flexible and does not heat up as much as leather.


The next thing to look for it how concealed the holster allows the gun to be. It should be noted that concealed carry laws vary by state, and you may not be allowed to conceal your gun if you do not have a concealed carry license. For the most part, these laws (ignoring all personal preference) will determine whether your holster should be concealed or not.
Once you know whether you want/can have a concealed holster or not, you can move onto finding the right style. A concealed gun holster that attaches to a belt will not be fashionable, but it should be comfortable and made of a soft/padded material. Unconcealed holsters can focus more on style. In this case, leather holsters would work well, as heat buildup wouldn't be a problem.


Once you have considered the comfort and functionality of your holster, you can then focus on style. The style of your holster is only important if you are not planning to conceal your weapon. Consider whether you want the holster to look like something out of a cop show or our of a western movie. Once you do this, you can better search and find what you are looking for.
The next time you want to buy a holster for a belt, consider the things above. Once you know whether or not your gun should be concealed, what style you want, and what fabric you want, picking out the right holster for your needs should be a breeze.

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