Planning A Hassle Free Home Move

Monday, March 16, 2020

Whenever you outgrow your surroundings and decide that it’s time to look for a brand new home to nest inside, it can be an absolute whirlwind experience that can so easily become overwhelming. There are so many different vital tasks that you have to get done, and usually such short time frames to play with too! Rather than spending above and beyond to try and organise your home move in the most suitable way, there are many simple tips and tricks that can help you to reduce your stress levels and stay on top of your game to ensure you can really make the most of your new space. So, if you’re ready to find out how you can plan your next home move without the usual mayhem and madness, then read on to uncover the best stress busting steps that you can follow today!

Setting Your Budget

The first step that must take before you decide upon anything else is the total budget that you would like to spend for your whole project. You have to come up with a figure in the initial stages of your project that you can stick to throughout, otherwise you will end up with a surprisingly large bill which you might not be able to afford. Going into your search completely blind will cause you to essentially go on a wild spending spree, as it’s likely that your heart is far stronger than your head and without any guidelines you will simply attempt to fulfill all of your dream home criteria. Never view any houses that are out of your price range, as this will encourage you to feel as though you are ‘settling’ for something less when you have to find a different property for a cheaper price. Factor in every different aspect of your move, including buying new furniture and moving your belongings, as these features can bump up the price more than you might imagine.

Finding The Perfect Property

Finding the perfect property is the most important part of your project, as this is the main purpose and reasoning for all of your efforts. Searching for your ideal home can take a considerable amount of time, as you have to view several options to identify a few must have features that you can add to your list. This list should contain every different detail that you expect of your move, as well as certain factors that can have an effect, such as your budget or specific moving deadline date. Include things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like, whether you have the need for any outdoor space, and what kind of specification you would like the property to have i.e. modern with new appliances or traditional with old styling. Finding a house must involve varied methods, such as searching online and visiting an estate agent, but you must always have this list with you to make sure that each house can at least come close to hitting your criteria. If you’re looking for a project home that might need a little bit of TLC (and DIY!) then one of the best places that you can start your search is at an auction house. They often sell pre-loved properties that need some work, but often it’s merely cosmetic and the prices can be considerably lower when compared to shopping for a fully finished and furnished home.

Sorting Out Old/New Furniture

Sorting through your furniture can be a really tough task, as deciding what should stay and what should go can often put you in a tricky position. Be realistic when choosing what to take with you, as if you do not use the item now then you’re unlikely to use it in your new home either. Don’t clog up all of your space and create the exact same atmosphere as your old property, as it’s important that you can take the opportunity to refresh the way that you live and make some improvements. Selling some of your old furniture can provide you with the funds that you need to purchase a newer alternative, so set a date for a garage sale or list your items online on an auction site to be sold to the highest bidder. The less furniture you have to take with you, the cheaper your moving costs are going to be! You can even get your new items delivered to your new address on the day of your move to make the whole process a whole lot easier! It’s fine to start off with the basics and grow as time passes, so you just need a bed, wardrobe, dining table and sofa to move in comfortably.

Moving Your Belongings

Packing up all of your belongings to be moved to your new home can be an emotional time for many different reasons, as the memories can pull you away from transferring your life to a new location whilst the stress of getting everything done on time can encourage you to give up before you have even begun. Luckily there are many options available for you to seek some help with packing and moving your belongings, whether you choose to ask your friends and family for a hand or seek out some specialist support from a moving company. It’s important that you can have a little support whilst you’re going through this step, as there’s likely a lot to get done and you need to be productive with the time that you have to complete it. Always wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or newspaper to ensure that they do not get damaged on their journey to your new home, and pack your boxes with labels that describe the contents so that they are aware which ones have to be handled with care. On the day before your move, organise all of your boxes and large items of furniture into one room that has access to outside, and prepare as much as you can for the big day to approach. When it finally arrives, ask the movers to load their truck from the room that contains your stuff, and head down to check the property before you start to unload your items.

The Big Day

When the big day finally comes, it’s important that the first step you can take is to go and have a look around your new premises and identify whether you need to take part in a little bit of spring cleaning before you bring your stuff over. Many agencies say that they hire professional cleaners before you move in, but often this is false or their standards are extremely low. Check the electric, gas and water connection, and make note of any faults or issues that you uncover on your exploration. Once you are sure your new home is all ready, contact your movers and have them drive over with your belongings. Unload them from the truck and place each box in the room that matches with the label descriptions that you had created earlier to make things easier when it comes to unpacking! When you feel as though you have managed to unpack to a good degree, try to set up each room in a way that feels like home. You may have to move your furniture a few different times to get the right space, but you have to be comfortable so don’t ignore your instincts.

Making Your House A Home

One of the most stressful steps of your journey which you may not anticipate is making your house feel like a home. Setting up some furniture isn’t going to do the trick, as you have to try and make your mark on the property with a few individual things that can remind you that this is in fact your home. Whether this means you invest in some art work that you can hang proudly above your fireplace, or purchase some luxurious bed sheets that boast a unique design, just adding a few of these simple touches will take away from the larger feel of discomfort. As well as this, hosting a night in with your friends and family round can be a great way to settle in. Having your nearest and dearest with you inside your home can give you the chance to start making memories, and showing off your new pad can be a really rewarding experience. Host a dinner party and get to grips with your new kitchen or simply relax on the sofa with a few glasses of something!

Planning a hassle free home move has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips and tricks detailed above. Staying in control of your project can seem a little tough when there’s so much to consider, but enlisting the help of friends, family and professionals can relieve so much pressure from your shoulders. Finding the perfect home can improve your life dramatically, so don’t delay in starting your search today.

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