Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Like an Expert

Monday, March 9, 2020

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your house. It makes a good starting point for remodeling a house. You want to own a bathroom that is practical, serene with a bit of luxe. But there are a lot of tiny details, options to make, and processes to follow if you want to renovate your bathroom.
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What's more, renovating a bathroom is not cheap. Replacing your tiles, fixtures, and vanities may cost you thousands of dollars. You can imagine how much it would cost you if you were to install high-end amenities such as heated floors.

Still, there are some ways you can renovate your bathroom while having to splurge your money. Here are some professional tips you use to redesign your bathroom without spending much.

Drawing the big picture

Before you can get started with your renovation, you need first to determine how you want the result of your redesign to look. At what scale would you want to remodel your bathroom? Will you maintain the same layout and fixtures, or do you want to install new hardware such as lighting and vanity?

If you want to minimize costs, you will have to reduce the alterations you intend to make.

Work hand in hand with an electrician

Having an electrician close during the renovation will help to prevent any incidence of interfering with electricity. An electrician will help you rewire your bathroom or change the lighting fixtures. They can also help you improve your showerhead or shower pump to one that you choose. It is important to consult them right before you begin your project so that you can create a working schedule that is favorable to everyone.

Remove the toilet from view when you open the door

Numerous times someone will leave the bathroom door open. As you walk toward the bathroom, it is aesthetically not pleasing for the toilet to be the first item in your field of view. It can kill your mood as you transition into the room. If you are hoping to achieve a spa-like vibe, you should make anything else other than the toilet as the focal point.

Consider installing a double sink

A double sink gives the idea of 'couple goals' a whole new meaning. It is an exciting way to add value to your house by ensuring that two people can share the same bathroom to use the sink without any conflict. Double sink ideas transform your bathroom by making it appear more desirable, attractive, and modern.

Chose the right vanity

The purpose of your vanity is not only to enhance the looks of your bathroom. It has to be practical and functional. Ensure that you select a vanity that is of the right size. Too big, and it will fill up the bathroom space while a small vanity may not give you enough countertop space.

What is your reason for renovating your house? You may have just moved in and want to make your bathroom have your personal touch, or you may want to sell or rent out the house. Either way, you need proper planning and precision to execute a bathroom renovation properly. Size does necessarily matter. You can maximize space in your tiny bathroom and still make it appealing and comfortable. The same goes for a big bathroom.

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