Fixer Upper Done Right

Monday, March 23, 2020

Remodeling an old home can be a do-it-yourselfer’s dream project. There is much anticipation in finding an ugly duckling and transforming it into a swan. You can do much of the work on your own, but there are also some items that need professional attention. The following guidelines can help explain the difference.

Getting Certified Help

For some projects certifications are required - the wiring for instance. Professional electricians will make sure there is no danger or defect in the installation of the wiring, and circuit breakers and fuse boxes will be tested for overload situations. Another instance is the plumbing. Springing a leak inside the wall or under the dishwasher is not okay - water can be very destructive to any of the structural materials in a home, so call a trained plumber like Fox Valley Plumbing. Installation of a water heater or furnace also has to be inspected, as does lead paint or asbestos removal.

Certification not Required

Although it does not require inspection, you may still prefer to hire a certified technician just to be sure the following jobs are done correctly: Installation of windows or new panes; painting interior or exterior finishes and taping and mudding sheet rock or texturing the walls. A solar tube or skylight coming through the roof needs professional installation to prevent a leak. Carpet and pad should be laid by a pro, ensuring a tight fit.

Use a Mentor

Tiling a floor may be easy enough to work out, however when facing a vertical surface such as a shower wall or fireplace front, you need someone who knows what they are doing to make sure there is enough mastic and grout to adhere to the wall. Take a class at a home improvement store or get a friend with skills to help you out. You may need two people to put up sheet rock on a ceiling. If new shingles, but new decking are necessary, someone with experience can give you a hand.

Do It Yourself

Certification is not necessary for every aspect of a home rehab. Many other projects are perfect for those who want to get their hands dirty and are not afraid of a little elbow grease. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, stairways and railings, painting doors and mill work, or staining a fireplace mantel are perfect examples. You can also scrape old popcorn ceilings, or apply a German smear over a brick wall.
The day you complete your remodel on an old hope will be a day of great joy. Get the help and inspections you need and you will have a home to be proud of.


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