Making Space: Turning The Garage Into An Office In 6 Steps

Sunday, March 8, 2020

When you decide to work from home (and get permission from your boss!), you have a new need for a workspace that you didn't have when you worked in an office run by someone else. It’s nice to cut the commute but if you don't have anywhere comfortable and quiet to work, what do you plan to do?

You need an office. Your house may not have space for one, but you need one. You need to be able to sit in a room that only has your work things and your ergonomic chair so that you can concentrate enough to work correctly. The solution? Use the garage. The garage may have a car, but you likely have a driveway to use for that, so why not start a conversion? Yes, it has the potential to be a big job, and yes, you’ll likely need garage door replacement to change it into a part of the house. The thing is, you can do all of that. You can make your garage your new office space, and here’s how to do it
White Floor Rug
 Firstly, survey your space. What room do you have to set up a whole office? You want to give your garage a facelift, and that involves moving from concrete to hardwood, exposed brick to plaster walls. There is a lot to organise here, and you need to work out how much room you have to know what you can do in there.

Next, you need a serious declutter. If you’re like everyone else, you dump everything in the garage. It’s the place where Christmas decorations from 1989 came to die! Making room is essential so that you can really feel like this is your space to use.

You want to be as comfortable as possible in your new office, but garages aren't designed that way. Garages are designed to be outside rooms that don't need heating or too much lighting; they’re there to house the car. You are not a car, which means that you need heat and light, and you need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Speaking of lighting, you need to have a genius come by and install the windows for you. You may not want to - or be able to have - windows installed in the garage, which means that you need an electrician to come in and rewire the space for you. It would help if you had good lighting for your work, so be a little eco-friendly with your choices and choose LED light bulbs for the new office.

Design the space properly. Go beyond the new office chair and the desk and think about the carpet. Those little touches, such as throw rugs, paintings and plants all matter if you want the space to be a good one.

Furnish the place and furnish it with your work in mind. You need a suitable desk and chair, but you also need document storage and space for your electronics to sit. Don't forget; this is an office and work will be done here!

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