6 Tips for Self-Improvement

Monday, March 30, 2020

Everyone is going through something different in their life and I think we can all agree that our common goal is to live a good life and be the best version of ourselves possible. But that’s such a vague concept that really, what does it mean to work on self-improvement? Is it just identifying our faults and being aware of them? Is it working on them and feeling more mentally and emotionally stable? Or is it just being happier both inside and out, despite the hardships we experience? No matter what self-improvement means to you, there are several things that we can ALL practice in order to grow as a person and find happiness in our lives.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. If you focus on things you’re grateful for, it teaches you to focus on positive things. If you focus on positive things, it makes you feel better. And if you feel better, you can also resonate and treat others better. So how do you practice gratitude? Easy! Start by writing down 3 DIFFERENT things you’re grateful for each morning. It can be anything from making every green light on your way to work, to having hot water in the shower. Maybe you’re just grateful to have a dog to come home to after a long day. Whatever it is, write it down. After several weeks of doing this, your brain can be wired to focus on the positive more quickly. So when you get stuck in traffic because of an accident, instead of having a meltdown, you can think to yourself “wow, I’m lucky, because the person in the accident could have been me, but it’s not.” Even when you feel like you have nothing good in your life, there is something there. Do you have a roof over your head, a job to pay your bills, and legs that work? Good! That’s more than some people can say.

Examine Your Triggers

There’s always something that can trigger us to feel a certain way. Maybe it’s the way someone gives you their opinion, or the way they treat their spouse in front of you. Either way, take notice of what triggers you to get emotional, angry, and lash out. Then dive deeper by examining why those things may trigger you. Ask yourself if you possess any qualities that irritate you in others. If you do, perhaps it’s your brain’s way of telling you to work on it. Also examine how you can control your triggers by choosing how to react. It can’t be a trigger unless you LET it affect you. Just because someone shares something on social media you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean you need to get irate. Accept that people have different opinions and move on. Stop reading and consuming things that upset you, especially when you have no control over them whatsoever.

Find the Good in Others

Think of someone you don’t really resonate with. Now think of one thing that you admire about them. ONE THING. There has GOT to be something. Maybe you aren’t fond of your new colleague, but you can admit that they are very reliable when you need to ask for a favor. This helps you get back to a positive mindset.

Fill Your Bucket

Some of us are frazzled and worn thin by everything we have to take care of in our lives like our jobs, our spouses, our homes, our children, our pets, and our friendships. The thing is, if you feel extremely exhausted and drained, how can you authentically tend to others? Your bucket must be full before you pour into others’ buckets. So take time out to rest and recharge. If you’re frazzled, take a mental health day from work so you can get caught up on stuff around the house and take a nap or two. Ask for help. It’s OKAY to delegate. Set boundaries – stop saying yes to everything asked of you.

Practice Self-care

Self-care is part of filling your bucket. But it’s also a part of a healthy and balanced life. Take care of yourself by resting, relaxing, pampering yourself, and treating yourself to nice things. I schedule every Sunday as a self-care day where I reserve the right to not commit to ANYTHING and I can do whatever I want with my day. If I want to sit around and read all day, I can do that. Even if you can only schedule one every month, get a sitter, put on some music, and take a relaxing bath.

Love Yourself NOW

We are constantly trying to improve and change ourselves, so much so that we are never satisfied with the NOW. Love yourself and your body NOW. Write a love letter to yourself. Find a nice thing to say about every part of you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

These are just a few ways you can really work on self-improvement for the long run. Do you do any of these already?


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