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Friday, March 13, 2020

Life lately is going good. The weather is improving, the daylight is lasting longer, and I’ve been doing a lot of cool things.

Life has been pretty good lately. Lots has been happening with the dogs. Stella got her teeth cleaned (and a bunch removed) in the beginning of the month. Pixie is ageing and it’s harder for her to run around so we added area rugs to the living room over different paths on the hardwood floors that she travels and it’s helped immensely. Rocky’s heart appointment in February went great, and Grace’s pain only flared up a bit and a course of steroids helped her.

Everyone always asks how I manage to stay sane with 4 dogs especially now that they’re older and I honestly can say the key is their diet. I am always aware of getting them the nutrients they need for their age and breed.

For instance, Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Pouches are a fan favorite in our house. My dogs tend to have issues with digestion, sometimes they have the runs and sometimes they can’t go. By feeding them pumpkin on a daily basis, it helps regulate digestion and we have way less issues than ever before. But that’s also why these Pumpkin Pouches are awesome! I’ve tried the Inflammation one which contains pumpkin flakes for vitamin and healthy skin, kale for vitamins and nutrients, blueberry for anti-oxidants, turmeric for health, and ginger for digestion. You just use a tablespoon for each 10 pounds your dog weighs and you can sprinkle it on their food dry. Even more delicious for your pups – add an equal amount of warm water to the blend and give it 2-4 minutes to rehydrated. Then you can either give it to your pet on it’s own or add it to their meal. My pups LOVE this stuff. It actually helps Rocky stop being so picky about his food!

We are also huge fans of Grandma Lucy’s Cranberry Oven Baked Treats. These treats are all natural with no artificial ingredients or flavors, 100% organic, and have an awesome taste that my pups go crazy over! Cranberry has been known to improve bladder health and reduce tartar and plaque buildup and fight bacteria. Anytime I have an option to help with my dogs’ teeth, I’m all in. They love these crunchy treats and they are great for a reward or a dessert on top of their food bowl. By the way, I tried one and they are really good! I mean they’re safe ingredients for pets AND people so you know you’ve got a good brand in Grandma Lucy’s.

Also the Blueberry treats make a great training reward and an after dinner snack.  It seems to be a big hit with all 4 dogs.  And I even enjoyed munching on 1 or 2!!!

Besides that, I keep up with grooming, bathing, and regular vet check ups for my wolfpack so I can always catch anything going wrong in the beginning. And I am always keeping an eye out for indoor and outdoor hazards around the home.

Beyond that, I’ve really just been enjoying the Spring weather that’s SLOWLY creeping in. I welcomed Daylights Savings with open arms. I have to say though that I didn’t mind the excuse for hibernating the last few months and being anti-social in the Winter. I have some BIG plans this Spring and Summer for my garden so stay tuned!

Oh and PS - I love snacks.  And I love that there are so many fun Easter snacks available!

Currently this Welch's Fruit Snacks Easter Egg is so fun!  It has 6 pouches in it and Welch's fruit snacks are a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  This is a great gift idea but also these make a great snack on the go in your car, at the office, or even just after dinner.   Plus, you can use the egg to store other fun surprises the rest of the year!  What's your favorite snack??

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