New Home Tech That Streamlines Your Household Chores

Friday, May 29, 2020

If you run a home, you’re used to chores. It comes with the territory.

But did you know there are now a bunch of tools and gadgets that can make cleaning, tidying, and organizing easier?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the new home tech that promises to streamline your household chores and make your life more convenient. So, what’s out there?

Wi-Fi Kitchen Appliances

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Imagine being able to control all of the appliances in your kitchen from your phone. Well, that possibility is now a reality, thanks to companies like Hoover and Bosch. Manufacturers are equipping hobs, ovens, and grills with internet connectivity, allowing customers to send instructions to them via their phones.

No - your appliances won’t do your cooking for you. But you can adjust them from your handset, instead of hovering around them, changing them manually. It means that you can leave the roast lamb in the oven and turn the temperature down halfway through cooking.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuuming is a chore that we all must do every week to keep our carpets and floors in good condition. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time, even if you have a cordless vacuum.

Robot vacuum cleaners, however, provide you with an alternative. Instead of manually moving around your home, appliance -in-hand, they do all the hard work for you. You just set them off from your phone, and then they learn your environment, eliminating the need for any labor whatsoever.

On-Demand Cleaning

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Getting cleaning services in the past was relatively easy. You just rang them up and told them what you want. But thanks to the internet, we’re now witnessing the rise of on-demand services - facilities you can use when you’re at the end of your tether.

App-Controlled Washing Machine

Both Google and Apple are very keen proponents of the smart home. Now, both tech giants offer software that allows customers to connect to their app-controlled washing machines and dryers, setting them off remotely or changing their cycles.

Automated Grocery Deliveries

Strictly speaking, automated grocery deliveries aren’t a form of home tech, but they can make your life considerably more comfortable. Imagine not having to head out to the store every time you need supplies. It could make an enormous difference to your quality of life.

Now, there is a range of services, including Amazon Subscribe and Save, that automate the delivery of certain essential goods and items to your home. You still have to work out how often you need to replenish products, but once you understand how often you need something, you can pretty much “set and forget.”

If you’re really keen on automating the process, you can use services like ePantry. These go a step further by monitoring your current inventory and then making suggestions for what to buy next. So, for instance, if you're running out of cleaning products, the software will recommend that you order more or do so automatically.

So, will you use home tech to make cleaning and organizing your property easier?

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