How Can I Protect My Family From Coronavirus?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken us all up. As well as losing many of our freedoms and financial damage it’s caused, the main thing that most of us are concerned about is keeping our family safe. If you’re worried and wondering what the best course of action is, read on to find out more.

Remove loved ones from care homes

The death toll for coronavirus is made up predominantly of older adults, particularly those living in care homes. If your parent, grandparent or family member is living in a nursing or care home, it’s well worth considering bringing them home to live with you for a while. This can be hard work as they might have significant care needs, you might need to learn how to dispense their medication, how to catheterize, how to wash and feed them and more. However, the evidence is overwhelmingly saying that older adults shielded in a relatives home is much safer than living in a care home at present, and so it’s something worth considering.

Continue social distancing

Lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased in different parts of the world. Some places are reopening pubs and restaurants, others are taking it slower starting with non essential businesses and outdoor activities. At present, the virus is still rife and despite the fact that you CAN go and do many things again doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Right now, staying home is likely your best bet, particularly if you have any kind of vulnerability (such as if you’re pregnant or have an underlying health condition). If you must go out in public, don’t become complacent- maintain a two meter distance from others and maintain excellent hand hygiene. There’s conflicting views about the effectiveness of masks but if they make you feel more secure then go for it. The general view is that if you have the infection, masks protect others from getting the illness (rather than protect you from getting someone elses germs). So the more people that use them the better.

Boost your immune system

Having a strong immune system will protect you from getting all kinds of illnesses, and if you do get ill your body will do a better job of fighting it off. Some simple ways to improve your immune system just involve eating well and staying active. Fresh produce is especially good since its packed with nutrients and antioxidants to protect from free radical damage. Make things like fruit smoothies and vegetable soups as an easy way to get more of the good stuff into your diet. You could also take supplements too, there’s varying evidence on their effectiveness but they certainly wont do you any harm.

What steps have you taken to protect your family at this time?

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