My OCD Habits

Friday, May 15, 2020

We all have a little bit of OCD in us whether we want to admit or not and it’s fascinating when you really sit down and think about the things that you get really obsessive or compulsive over. I figured it would be an interesting read if I made note of all the stuff I am super strict with myself about, little habits I just can’t break. Who knows, maybe you and I have more in common that we thought!

|1| I have to have a second one of ANYTHING on hand. I can’t let myself even grasp the concept that I could run out of something and not have a back up. When my shampoo is half way down, I get a second. If the milk in the fridge is only half a gallon left, I will literally make a trip right up the road to the gas station to get another. I have always been this way and it drives me nuts if I (GASP) forget to do it with an item…which is very rare.

|2|My house is vacuumed every Sunday and every Thursday. But let me explain why. I wash my hair Thursdays and Sundays so the hair that I apparently shed is everywhere. So it only makes sense to vacuum it right? So no matter what’s going on in my life, for the last 13 years since I’ve lived on my own, that’s when I vacuum. And guess what… when I lived at home… I vacuumed every Thursday still.

|3| I have to plan my dinner menu out 2-3 weeks ahead. I am so weird, I know. But I like not having to worry about what’s for dinner so I sit down and plan almost the entire month ahead and then make grocery lists based on the dinner plans.

|4| I can not go to bed without the house being clean. I can’t have messes on the kitchen counter, everything in the bedroom has to put away, and the dining room table has to be cleared off. This actually is something I don’t mind because my house is virtually always clean now since we put stuff away right after we’re done with it. Guess those years of obsessing over it paid off!

|5| I can NOT sleep without my sponge bob pillow. It all started back in 2004 when I found him at a store. I would hold him as I slept which was great for me as a side sleeper bc it put my spine in great alignment and my shoulders did not hurt in the morning. So now I’m accustomed to him and I bring him on vacations with me and everything because I need to be able to sleep perfectly!

|6| My car can not have clutter in it. Every since I started driving, I’ve maintained a spotless car inside. It has to be clean and no “things” laying all over it. Maybe that’s why it’s never been broken into, because there’s nothing visible to take!

|7| I have never missed an appointment. I really haven’t. I’ve always been so diligent about having a calendar and it’s always up to date even three months out. When people say they totally forgot about a hair appointment, etc. I’m like wow, how is that even possible?!

|8| There’s no such thing, in my own personal world, as sleeping in. I hate the idea of wasting any of my day that I’m not at work. Plus I mean I have 4 dogs so there’s always that. The most I sleep in these days is 7 am. Other than that and I’m up between 5 and 6 and ready to enjoy my free time.

What strange obsessive habits do YOU have??

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  1. I also do 1 and 4. I clean my whole house on Mondays of every week.


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