Tips On Residing Your House

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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The exterior of your home is very important. So much time is spent perfecting our interiors, it’s easy to neglect the outside. A well maintained home is nt only something for you to enjoy, but will also increase your property’s curb appeal, making it more appealing to potential buyers when you come to sell.

Well, fitted, well-maintained siding can give a beautiful, traditional look to your home. It’s important to keep it looking good. Read on for some tips on how to install and maintain the siding on your home. 

Choosing the right finish

When renovating the exterior of your home, you want it done well. Use a professional like James Hardie siding installation to give you the high-quality finish you’re looking for. The more hardwearing the material, the more effective it will be at preventing damage, pests, and moisture.

The choice of finish is important. Vinyl siding is a good choice for those with tighter budgets and is easier to clean than some other finishes. However, it’s also more prone to warp or crack.

Real wood can look beautiful but is the hardest to maintain. Modified woods are a good compromise as they maintain the look but are far more resilient and easy to look after.

Choosing the right finish can really bring your exteriors to life.

Cleaning and maintaining your siding

Different finishes require different levels of maintenance. Vinyl siding needs only very basic cleaning with a warm soapy water, or, if there’s a particular build up of dirt, a specialist vinyl cleaner.

Real wood finishes need a higher level of care. You’ll need to repaint it every 5-7 years, and if you see areas of damage, you’ll need to sand and repaint immediately to stop moisture from getting into the wood and warping it. Otherwise you’re looking at a costly replacement.

A real wood look is one of the most attractive but needs to be stained to keep it looking beautiful. As wood stains don’t have many protective properties, you’ll need to use a specialist wood sealant as well.

Well maintained exteriors and gardens can add value to your home.

Removing stains

If you find that your siding is looking discoloured with mold and mildew, you’re going to need to use a specialist cleaner that cleans and repels fungus and mildew. These cleaners can be toxic so be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Sometimes, the metal fasteners that hold the siding in place can cause rust stains. This is more likely the older your siding is as the fasteners aren’t galvanized or it has worn off over night.

Rust stains are more difficult to remove. There are many specialist cleaners available or a mixture of oxalic acid and water. You’ll want to use gloves and eye protection. Use a soft brush to scrub until the rust stain has disappeared and then rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.
Key takeaways

Choose the right material for the look you want and your budget

Use a professional to install

Clean, repaint and reseal regularly to keep the finish looking fresh

If you look after your siding, it will give you many years of use, making your home look beautiful and protecting it from the elements.

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