Make Your Home Look, Smell, and Feel Like Summer

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Who doesn’t look forward to those long, warm, summer nights spent watching the sunset with the ones we love? Something about the combination of sunshine and a cool breeze works wonders for your mood.

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home recently, and it may be taking its toll. Now is the perfect time to take on a home improvement project and optimize your living space for the coming months.

Having your home look, smell, and feel like summer will be easy if you follow these super tips.
Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels.

Getting the summer look

The summer look is all about fresh and clean visuals, paired with bright colors.


Does your kitchen need a revitalized color scheme? When was the last time your house was painted? Anywhere that needs a splash of paint should be tended to before summer, ensuring your home is looking its best.

Indoor Plants

Take the outside in and hang some pretty plants or flowers indoors. Try Dracaenas, Spider plants, Peace Lily, or Aloe Vera plants. To boot, plants will breathe fresh, clean air around the room.
Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor fairy lights can add a sparkle to your deck or porch area. They give off a distinct “summer nights” vibe right around dusk.

Crafting a summer scent

We associate particular smells with each season. A combination of mildly sweet and citrus aromas make for a wonderful summer scent. Here’s how to make your house smell good this summer.

Spring Clean

If your house isn’t clean, it won’t smell clean, no matter how you try to mask it. Dedicate a few days to spring cleaning your home.

Take baking soda to your rugs and carpets. Let it work its magic for a few hours before vacuuming.

You may run into trouble if there are damaged items or areas in your home. Repairs for smoke damage, water damage, or other large scale issues should be left to professionals.

Scented Candles

Scented candles create an atmosphere through beautiful aromas. Opt for a mix of summer and citrus fruits, a sea salt breeze, or try a vanilla blend.

Simmer Fruits and Herbs

For a more natural scent, simmer a pot of water on your stove with slices of your favorite citrus fruits and refreshing summer herbs. You’ll be amazed at the smells.

Creating a summer feel

Giving your home a summer feel is less about the house itself, and more about the people who are living there.
Photo by Lee Hnetika from Pexels.

Make a summer playlist

Create a playlist of your favorite summer jams and make them part of your daily routine. Nothing beats impromptu dance-offs in the kitchen.

Discover a zen area

Find a cozy corner or a naturally lit window sill where you can spend time reading, relaxing, or meditating. This can be your dedicated, happy place that you keep stress free.

Plan a family BBQ

Assemble family and friends for a barbeque or garden party. Nothing screams summer like chowing down on a hot dog in someone’s back yard. Even if barbeque food isn’t your cup of tea, the atmosphere and company can make up for it. After all, it’s time spent with family and friends that makes for the best memories.

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