Finding Happiness in Your Body

Monday, May 25, 2020

The world is full of pressures; to have a good job, to raise a family well, to engage with your community. However, the most intimate and stressful pressures are those surrounding our bodies. We are bombarded with requirements to be toned and slim, with great hair, wrinkle-less skin, and hairless bodies. The pressure can be overwhelming - so how can you find happiness in your body in the midst of all these outside messages?


If you browse the internet, skincare can quickly seem as complicated as rocket science. There are all sorts of products that claim to do all sorts of things. People seem to have routines that incorporate five or six different lotions, and it’s impossible to know where to start. The truth is, much of this is marketing nonsense. There are three things you need for your skin; exfoliation, hydration, and protection. You can exfoliate physically using a brush, or chemically using an acid. Hydrate using moisturizer and then always, always remember to wear an SPF, factor 50 or above.
Eat Well and Exercise

It’s an old message, but it’s tried and true. Instead of following fad diets and ambitious one-month exercise plans, try to adapt your habits slowly and sustainably. This isn’t about losing weight or getting ripped, it’s about improving your general health - anything else is a welcome side effect! Eating healthily and exercising regularly will improve your lifespan, mental health, and energy levels, and help you to love your body for what it can accomplish, rather than what it looks like.
Love Yourself

Speaking of loving your body, this is something you can do at any time. Stop looking for your flaws, and start enjoying your unique attributes. Sure, your stomach might be a little jiggly, and you may have stretch marks, but that just means you are a powerful person living a fulfilled life! Your body is your own, and if you can love it regardless of its size or shape, your beauty will shine through. Rather than comparing yourself to catwalk models, learn to dress your body for itself, and it will love you in return.

Having said that, you should feel no shame at all if you decide to seek treatment for any area of your body. It is all about finding what works for you, and if you are finding something particularly insurmountable and need a little help to find happiness in your body, that is perfectly alright. There are some great non-invasive treatments out there especially for toning and refining, and the long-standing battle of sculpsure vs coolsculpting has been well documented. Before you take any treatment, make sure to do all your research, know exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will keep its effects in the long term, and feel confident in your choices.

A key part of finding happiness in your body, is finding happiness in your life! Don’t let your physical features define and control you. If you want that slice of chocolate cake, have it, and enjoy it. Balance is so important, and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of anything that makes you happy in pursuit of the perfect body - because you already have it.

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