Tips for a Successful Custom Home Build

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Building a house is an exciting venture. With the right steps, it can make your dreams become a reality. However, going in without a plan can lead to disastrous and expensive mistakes. Follow these tips to successfully build a custom home you may never want to leave. 


A budget is one of the first things you need to do before designing your home. Budgets for custom houses PA need to include everything you need plus your wants. The timeframe of the build can affect the budget as well. A faster timeline may cost more money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a longer build time means a lower cost. A lot may depend on the builder you choose, the time of the year and the cost of materials. Build a cushion in your budget in case something costs more down the line or you choose to add something you didn’t think of in the beginning. If you do not already own land, you should include the cost of the property in the budget.

Every homeowner has certain needs. For example, perhaps you need a home office, three bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. Once you have your needs, you can add some additional items such as a formal dining room, media room or wine cellar. Since you are custom building the home, the options are nearly endless. If you determine how much square footage you want first, it can help you narrow down the size and numbers of the rooms. You should also know how many stories you want and the overall home’s exterior look. Once those core elements are done, you can focus on the paint, accessories, cabinets, countertops, flooring and light fixtures throughout the home.

You may hire an architect right from the start to help design the home, but one of the most important team members will be the general contractor. Choose a reputable one with good reviews to build your home. The general contractor can help you determine if you need additional team members such as an interior designer or landscape architect. They often have recommendations for architects and vice versa.

Building any structure requires following a certain process. The general contractor should outline the process for you right from the beginning. In general, there will be various stages of construction with each stage having its own inspections. The foundation comes first, then the frame and roof. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC often work throughout the process. The finishes are last and often take up the most amount of time. Once done, you will have a beautiful home to live in.

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