Things I Miss About My Childhood

Friday, May 29, 2020

Nostalgia is a crazy thing. Sometimes all it takes is the mention of a word, the smell of a scent from your past, or a song that comes on the radio. Suddenly, you’re transported back to a time when you were a kid, so carefree and filled with joy. Memories are amazing and I get very nostalgic thinking about my childhood. At times it almost makes me sad because I miss it so much. I really did have a great childhood and so today I decided to put together some of my favorite memories.

Hearing the Ice Cream Truck

It was always the same. We’d be splashing in our neighbor’s pool or inside playing video games, and we’d all jerk to a stop because we’d hear what sounded like the ice cream truck. Then chaos broke out as all the neighbor kids rushed to get cash from their parents. My mom left a small amount of bills pinned to the bulletin board on the fridge so we always had some money to buy ice cream. Sometimes the neighborhood kids would have no money on them and they lived too far down the road, so my mom covered their ice cream too. We LOVED the ice cream truck. Sometimes we felt tortured because we couldn’t tell where he was but we knew he was coming. Then it was the GREAT choice of what awesome treat are you going to get? My favorite was the Choco Taco and the baseball mitt. Which by the way, if the baseball mitt was missing the gumball in the middle I always felt so bummed. We’d eat our ice cream and then resume our regularly scheduled carefree fun.

Playing in the Creek

We were blessed to move into a home when I was 6 that had a creek in our backyard and I don’t mean a little stream, I mean a full-blown creek. Every day as long as it was warm enough, my brother and I would spend our days out in the creek with any and all neighborhood kids. It was usually always shallow so we’d wade in ankle-deep and catch crayfish, minnows, mussels, and tadpoles. As we got older our neighbor would let us borrow their canoe and we would go out and wade through the middle of the creek. We also went tubing. We weren’t afraid of snapping turtles, snakes, and anything else that was in there. In fact, we swam under water when the water was high enough and I remember even opening my eyes underwater. Who does that? Ignorance was total bliss and I loved watching the eagles, hawks, ducks, geese, and other critters we could observe while out in the creek. I am so grateful to have had that experience my entire childhood.

Playing in the Snow

When it snowed we went ALL OUT. We made igloos and forts that we actually chilled in to keep warm. We wouldn’t come inside until it was dark out or we were soaked through and freezing. Then our mom would make us hot chocolate and we’d watch Nickelodeon and sip to stay warm. We had a golf course up the road and we even went up there and made igloos. Our neighbors across the street had a huge hill and they let us play on it anytime we wanted to. We would sled down it for as long as possible, making ramps to hit along the way. When the creek would freeze over completely we’d go walking on it and sometimes even ice skating.

Horseback Riding

My mom had me signed up for horseback riding lessons when I was 6 and then later when I was maybe 10. It was amazing to go every week or so and ride a horse. I loved it so much and was obsessed with horses. I still kind of am. I am so grateful that she gave me that experience as a child.

Grandma’s House

I loved going to my grandmother’s house on my mom’s side to explore in her backyard and play with the toys she had. She always had Price is Right on TV and she always had these big cinnamon pastries called Elephant Ears. I loved her house. I’d sneak upstairs and explore too. There were a few times I had sleepovers with her and I had such a blast. She passed away about a decade ago and I miss her dearly.

Disney Channel Original Movies

Man, me and my brother loved Disney Channel Original Movies and as corny as some of them were, we made inside jokes out of them by repeating random funny lines. To this day, if either of us says one, we both bust out laughing.


For some reason it was super fun to sneak out of my house when I had a girlfriend sleep over and do nothing but simply explore the neighborhood. Sometimes we would sneak onto the golf course and we would just lay and look up at the stars. Sometimes the sprinklers came on and we would play in them before the overnight groundskeeper chased us off into the woodline in his golf cart.

So really, I could go on with sooo many but I would be writing ALL day!

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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  1. I use to love hearing the ice cream truck in the summer time.


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