8 of the Best Things About Spring

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Spring is such a great time of year because it’s basically a rebirth of the outdoors. But there’s also a reawakening within each of us that naturally seems to happen as our animal friends come out of hibernation and the flowers begin to bloom. Here are some of the best things about Spring.

You wake up to birds chirping.

Before the sunlight even peeks in your window, you can hear the songbirds out in full force singing and chirping to one another. If you get the chance, sip your morning coffee outside for 5 minutes and just stay quiet and listen to the music they make all around you.

The days are warm but not humid.

It’s that nice Spring sunshine that warms you up during the day but it gets just cool enough at night that you can stay cozy in a sweatshirt when you’re hanging out around a campfire or just stargazing in your own backyard. There’s no frizzy hair yet and you can still dress in layers if you wish.

The colors are beautiful.

The Earth brings out the most beautiful of colors in the Spring from the bright yellow daffodils to the purple and blue flowers pushing through the ground. The trees have that lovely light green as their leaves begin to grow in.

The smells are fantastic.

Take a whiff of the air on a crisp Spring morning and you can not only smell the blooming trees and flowers but everything just smells alive and fresh. It’s like after going through Winter, our ability to smell is even more enhanced.

The grass is soft.

Go outside in barefeet and you’ll feel nothing more amazing than the soft plush green grass underneath you. It’s truly amazing and it’s healthy and lush.

The sky is clear.

There’s none of that summer haze in the sky in Spring. Instead you have beautiful clear skies with white fluffy clouds on occasion. There’s just nothing like it.

You come out of your shell.

Just like the animals come out of hibernation, Spring is when we reawaken after the dark months of inner work and we can face the world and our social responsibilities. Tis the season for planning cookouts, parties, and other outdoor events that quite literally bring you out of your shell.

Connecting with nature becomes easier.

If you have a garden or just need to weed your regular flowerbeds, you’re basically forcing yourself to go outside and connect with nature. This is actually a really good thing and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little dirt underneath your fingernails.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy Spring!!

What are your favorite things about the Spring?


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