4 Elements Of Lockdown You Didn't Know Were Unhealthy

Friday, May 15, 2020

Self-isolation isn’t good for your health. Being stuck in all day not only stops you from being active, but it impacts your mental health, too. For the most part, people better understand what needs to be done to prevent lockdown from harming wellbeing. Whether you decide to practice self-care or stop caring about your weight, there are tons of options on the table.

Unfortunately, it’s the quarantine features you don’t know about that are the most harmful. After all, you’re taking any measure to negate them because you don’t know they exist. The good news is you change your approach by reading the following.

Watching The News

New channels keep you up to date with the latest announcements so that you know what is happening and why. News does have an integral role to play in everyday life, but only in bitesize chunks. Listening to the radio or watching the TV regularly will only inform you about negative side-effects, and it can feel as if the world is about to end!

For the sake of your mental health, and to encourage a positive attitude, it’s smart to reduce your news screen time. Here are some of the incredible traits you’ll start to notice after a while.


In the past, boredom forced you to go outside or read a book. Today, it encourages you to check for social media updates frequently. There’s no doubt that Twitter and Co. are healthy when used properly. However, it’s too easy to misuse them and suffer from the Fear Of Missing Out. Although it sounds like a made-up millennial affliction, it does affect mental health. Scrolling through Instagram posts will only make you long to get out of the house when you spot the inevitable vacation photos.

Longing for a holiday that isn’t in sight will only reduce your motivation to stay isolated, so it’s healthier for your eyes and mind if you take a break from social media.

Household Appliances

A glance around your home will highlight how crucial appliances are in the 21st-century. Still, whether they save time and reduce stress, they can harm your health as broken devices release carbon monoxide. Although this is only in certain circumstances, CO is poisonous, meaning it’s worth investing in appliance repair services or a replacement. Nobody wants to gamble with their wellbeing.

Appliances also make homeowners lazier and less active. So, reducing the amount in your home may help to burn calories and transform your sedentary lifestyle.

Lack Of Sunlight

Staying indoors means that there is less chance of catching a few rays. You may assume this is an advantage because UV rays lead to skin cancer, and you’d be right in some respects. Of course, vitamin D is essential for maintaining healthy bones and fighting off diseases such as osteoporosis, so you need a delicate balance.

Thankfully, all the body requires is ten to thirty minutes in the sunshine for your skin to start turning cholesterol into this vital vitamin.

Did you know that these elements of lockdown were problematic?

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