Fifteen Fantastic Reasons To Get A Family Pet

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ah, a pet. Your kids have been nagging at you for months about getting one, and you have ummed and ahhed for so long that you are running out of excuses as a parent, there are always tons of reasons not to go for it and get a new pet, but you really need to rethink this. We know, it’s not always about the responsibility of looking after a pet, but you’ve been cleaning up after children for so long the idea of clearing up after something else? It’s just not the ideal solution for anyone!

Instead, you need to think of the positives. There will always be negatives to owning a pet, from the poop scooping to the money spent on food and vaccinations. Here’s the thing, though: for every negative, there is a positive to consider. Not every family will benefit from having a pet, but until you get one, how will you know? So, let’s take a look at fifteen solid reasons you should consider getting a family pet and stop saying no!
Short-coated Black and Brown Puppy in White And Red Polka-dot Ceramic Mug on Green Field

The Positive Impact On Your Health

Have you considered the positive impact that having a pet has on your health. For example, a Labrador Puppy is going to bring you so much joy; it’s hard to feel sad when you have a puppy playing with you and wanting your hugs and attention. Couples who own a pet together are also usually those who are healthier: they head out for walks together and interact together more. You get out for walks when you have a dog, and this can give you the fresh air and relaxation you need while helping your heart, too. Your children can learn a little something about responsibility when they have a pet in the house, too, whether it’s a dog, cat or even a goldfish.

Improving Your Mood

You can feel so much happier when you have a pet around the house. It’s impossible to feel sad or wallow too hard in sadness when a cat is climbing onto your lap and snuggling down into you. It’s hard to feel sad and low when your dog wants to jump up and play! You fall in love with a pet and this increases your levels of oxytocin, leaving you to feel close and happy in your pet’s presence. Bonding helps you to improve your mood, and that can help you to be a much nicer person to be around.

A Better Social Life

You can meet a whole new circle of people when you have a pet. Taking the dog for a walk in the park leads you to meet other dog owners. This can help you to meet a whole new community of others who are in the same boat you are: you own pets! Something in common can really help you and other pets can do the same. Sure, hamsters and rabbits are smaller and generally in cages, but that doesn't mean that you can’t get to know people in your neighborhood with the same pets. Other cat lovers are easy to find and you can really grow your social circle.

Finding Love

Believe it or not, you could find new love with a pet. It’s not just something cheesy in the movies; people actually do meet with their dogs in the park and fall in love. It helps you to be sociable and you can meet anyone while you are out on walks. It’s also one of the best topics of discussion to help you to ask someone out when you want to! Pets attract the right people - as you’ll have the right things in common and know from the get-go that you have something there to spark a new relationship.

You’re A Better Person With A Pet

You’re already a good person, but a pet teaches you a whole new level of compassion. You can own a dog or a cat and you will learn patience, bloom new love and learn how to look after something new. You’re more affectionate, happier and generally more generous with your love. A pet can teach you how to be happier, and you can feel more aware of your actions and your emotions - and it’s all because of the new puppy in your life! You also learn to be patient with the kids, especially while you teach them how to be respectful and affectionate to their new pet, too.
Woman Embracing Her Dog

You Can Control Your Stress

A pet can help you to control your stress and it happens without you even realizing it. Bringing your pet wherever you go can help you to lower your blood pressure - it’s why some employers are okay with pets at work. You need to remember that your pet is there to love you and be with you, providing you with companionship and a focus to stay calm. Things can get really difficult in the workplace, and bringing your dog to work can help you to stay calm and concentrate on the things that really matter.

The Perfect Companion To Unwind With

Whether you have a dog, cat, or other pet, you have something living there in your home to come home to every day. You’ll have something that will help you to reduce your anxiety and it can really help to go home to a house with something to hug! Animals can reduce anxiety and stress, especially after a long day at work.

You Feel More Secure

As a family, you want to feel happy and secure in your house. You want to know that your children are secure, and knowing you have a dog in the house can really help with that. Outsiders are far less likely to break into your home if you have a dog in the house to keep an eye on things! They’ll be able to alert you to someone coming into the house and they’ll remain protective of you!

There’s Always Something Warm To Snuggle

Pets are generally able to disturb your sleep at night, but when you live alone, you are going to have something there to cuddle up to when you go to bed at night. You can feel very peaceful with the steady heartbeat of another being in the bed next to you.

You’re Far More Active

As a family, you need to consider how much more active you could be with the help of a pet by your side. You can get out of the house and get fitter every time you get out of the house. After all, you all have a new pet to go with and your new dog needs at least two walks a day to remain physically active!
Black Dog Beside Little Girl

Anxious Children Have A Companion

A pet dog can be the perfect friend to an anxious child who just needs something solid to lean on in times of need. Dogs have been well-known to calm anxious children over the years, and teaching your dog how to play nicely with your child can help them to become more confident. There’s a loyalty there that both parties can rely on to ensure that they are happy, healthy and secure. Dogs can act as therapy, and yours can do the same.

Bird Is The Word

We’ve been very dog-centric, but birds have a lot to say! Parrots are very social animals and they play games, do tricks and they can be amusing company, too. Parrots also live a long time, so buying a parrot when your kids are little means that they have a companion to grow with them. They’d be a friend for life for your child, and they can actually be taught to talk, too!

Education Is Everything

A pet - any pet - can really help your child to learn new things. You can help to boost their confidence and their empathy. Pets can really act as a sounding board and your child can learn how to care for your new pet, too. They can listen when your children want to read aloud, and they can be the best remedy for helping your child to expand their educational horizons.

Teaching Responsibility

Children need to learn to be responsible and a pet can teach them a level of responsibility that they cannot get elsewhere. Children can learn to feed, walk and bathe pets as well as learn how to interact with a pet. Teaching them how to play gently, walk confidently and generally be better kids to be around!

Excellent Inspiration

Pets can inspire you in so many ways. Everywhere through history and literature, you’ll see people inspired by their pets, and you can be, too. You need to think about how your pet could breathe a little life into your day and you’ll see how much they can improve things for you.

A family pet can come in many different forms, and it’s in your interest and the interest of your children to get one that suits you all.

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