Guaranteed Ways To Reduce Your Cleaning Time Each Week

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Love it or hate it (and let's face it, it's probably the latter), you do have to commit some of your time to cleaning each week.

When your home is devoid of mess and nasty germs, you will have a healthier environment to live in. You will be less prone to dust allergies and infections caused by dirty work surfaces, and you will feel mentally better too, because as the saying goes, a tidy home leads to a tidy mind.

Of course, you probably know all this already. But if you are constantly feeling stressed and tired because of the amount of time you spend cleaning, it's a good idea to find ways to reduce this burden in your life.

How can you do this? Well, in this article, we have a number of ideas that we hope you find useful. Check out our suggestions below, and implement some of them into your life. You will then be able to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the fun stuff, whatever that might be for you.

#1: Commit to a deep-clean a day a month

If you can spend time once a month giving your home a deep-clean, you will have less to do for the rest of your time. Admittedly, you will have to devote an entire day to cleaning, but if it means you can put your feet up more often afterwards, it's worth sacrificing a few hours for the long-term benefits. So, mark that day in your calendar, collect all of the cleaning items you are likely to need, and check out our deep-cleaning tips for ideas on the areas of your home you might want to concentrate on.

#2: Hire a cleaning service

You don't have to hire cleaning professionals on a regular basis. However, if you could book somebody once a month, they might be able to support you in your efforts to deep-clean your house. And because they are the professionals, your home will be cleaner and tidier for longer, so you will have fewer chores to do yourself. So, hire a window cleaner for your windows. And hire professional cleaning services akin to Val's Cleaning Maids. They will do the jobs that you might otherwise hate to do, and they will give you the opportunity to have a cuppa while they get on with the work that needs to be done.

#3: Remove your clutter

The more items you have in your home, the longer you will have to spend cleaning. Not only will you have to clean particular items, but you will have to spend more time tidying up your excess belongings too. So, try to get rid of some of your clutter if you can. From old books to outdated pieces of decor, sell them on, recycle them, or donate them to charity. And for those items that you do want to keep, find ways to add new storage, as you will be able to maintain a tidier home if everything has a place in which to go.

#4: Preempt the mess your children and pets make

The more you can do within your home to preempt mess the better, so think about what you might need to do. If you have children, you might designate certain areas of your home for play equipment, as you will curb the spread of toys around your house if you do. If they love nothing more than to draw on your walls (we are thinking of toddlers here), put up a few whiteboards so they know where to go with their felt tip pens. And if your children are messy eaters, provide them with the appropriate trays, and as you might do when it comes to playing, designate an area of your home for eating.

Think about your pets too. From muddy footprints to clumps of hair, they can leave as much mess as your children do. So, set up a pet cleaning station at their entryway. Place blankets over your sofas for them to sit on. And groom them regularly (not recommended with your goldfish), as the more hairs you can remove yourself, the less hair they will spread around the home.

By taking such steps, you will have less mess to think about, and more time to enjoy your living space. Well, that's the theory. As pets and children have minds of their own, we can't offer you any guarantees, but you should at least try to preempt their messy disasters.

#5: Buy yourself a robot vacuum cleaner

Robots are the future, right? One day, they will be driving our cars, delivering our shopping to us, and if the Terminator films are to be believed, they will be taking over the world too. Still, until the apocalypse begins, why not bring a robot into your home for cleaning purposes? Simply switch one of these robotic vacuums on, and let it go to work cleaning up the dust and debris on your floor while you put your feet up with a magazine and a cuppa! Admittedly, your cat and dog might be less than happy to have a mechanical cleaner whizzing around beneath their feet, but you will be able to enjoy the mayhem that ensues when watching them go to war with the cleaning robot.

#6: Get the kids involved

Considering the fact that your children are probably the biggest causes of mess in your home, you may as well encourage them to help with your cleaning chores if they are old enough. Sure, they might kick up a fuss, but if you could make cleaning fun for them, they might actually enjoy it. So, you might make up a game - who can tidy their toys away the fastest? - or you might turn the music up loud and have a dance and cleaning party! There are other ideas in the linked article. You might want to add to their weekly allowance too, especially if you encourage them to clean up messes that are not of their own making. But for those messes that they are responsible for, you should also create household rules so they get into the habit of being more mindful about their tidying responsibilities.

By taking such steps, you will be able to halve the time you spend cleaning, and if you do follow the fun ideas we linked, you might also enjoy the time you have with your children too.

#7: Clean as you go

The more mess you leave behind, the more work you will have to do later. It's logical, right? So, rather than let your mess build-up, clean up as you go, as you will have much less to do later. Be mindful then, and do what you can at an early stage. After you have had a bath, take a few moments to clean away the grime and hairs that are left behind. When you're in the kitchen preparing food, clean utensils as you go so you don't have to spend longer washing up later. When you're in the living room, remove your cups, plates, and other items you have brought through when you leave the room. And when you get out of bed in the morning, make your bed before you do anything else, as that is one less chore you will have to do later.

Follow this principle around your home, and when you see something that needs to be cleaned or tidied away, get on with the task at hand, as you might only have a harder job to do later if you don't.

#8: Do a little bit a day

If you followed our earlier deep-clean suggestion, you will have less to do anyway. Of course, that doesn't mean that your home will remain spotless for weeks on end, so you should still do something each day to stay on top of your mess. However, you shouldn't need to overburden yourself. If you can concentrate on one task or one area of your home a day, you will have less to do another day of the week. You might even have less to do when you deep-clean your house once a month. So, create a cleaning schedule, and concentrate on certain chores. Enlist the other members of your family to help you too, as you will get through them faster this way. An hour a day might be all you need to set aside if you plan accordingly, and you will then have the rest of the day to do other, perhaps more enjoyable things, with your time.


We hope these cleaning suggestions were useful to you! By following just a few of them, you will be able to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning each week. You will then have more time to enjoy your cleaner and tidier home, and both you and your family will feel healthier as well. So, give them a go, and reduce those household burdens that might otherwise take up too much of your time, and afford yourself more opportunities for the more enjoyable things in life
Take care, and thanks for reading!

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