Five Simple Tips To Make A Small Room Feel Big

Monday, May 18, 2020


Not every home is blessed with hundreds of square feet, and even if you are lucky enough to live in a spacious home, nearly all of them have one – the tiny box room. And that’s ok!

Large spaces can be overwhelming and mean that there is more to clean, so sometimes cosy works best. But when you are working with a small area you still want to make the most of it so that it feels as big as possible.

Here are five straightforward, yet effective, ways to make a small room feel and look much bigger.

Draw the eye up

To make a small room feel big, you need to think about how you can play tricks with the eyes and create illusions. A great way to distract the eye from the room itself is by adding some floor to ceiling curtains to elongate your windows and draw the eye up to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. Just make sure to keep your curtains the same colour as (or as close to) your walls to limit the number of colours, making the room feel less busy.

Invest in some mirrors

As we all know, a mirror can trick the eye into making just about any room feel big and spacious by giving the illusion that there is extra space. In reality, we know that this is just a reflection, but it still gets the job done. Investing in one large mirror can sometimes work better to give a unified and whole sense of extra space, but smaller decorative mirrors will also get the job done.

Use multi-purpose items

When dealing with a smaller room, you need to be more purposeful about the furniture and accessories that you are adding. Aim to have as little clutter as possible while making sure that every addition has a purpose. If you are living in a small space, then you are probably also lacking in storage, so a great work-around is utilizing multi-purpose items! Look for coffee tables, stools, and benches that can also double up as storage to hide away all those little, not so pretty bits and bobs, leaving your room clean and airy.

Stick to an intentional colour palette

Be intentional with your use of colour to create a sense of calm and unity. Get down to the paint store and make sure to pick a light and neutral colour palette when it comes to your walls, to open the room up as much as possible. Having a neutral colour on your walls will then give you more creative freedom to add pops of color through your choice of accessories.

Make use of wall space and corners

While you don’t want to cover up every tiny bit of wall space with shelves and lighting, keeping as much off the floor and drawing the eye up helps to create the illusion of a much bigger space. Use shelves to store intentionally placed items, but remember that walls can also be used to mount other things such as the TV and lighting. Make sure that you don’t forget about corners and add some floating shelves. By picking one corner to anchor them onto, not only are you making the most of the space, but the room will also look airier.

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