10 Home Maintenance Chores To Keep You Busy During The Lockdown

Friday, May 22, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, many of us are either in lockdown or not too keen to leave the house. With all this free time at home, why not get around to those important home maintenance chores?

1 . A lick of paint

There’s nothing like a lick of paint to get your home looking brand new again. Start off with your rooms inside, and then move on to the exterior of your home. Summer is the perfect time to get some vibrant color schemes going, and this year yellow is really trending. Most of us are eco-conscious these days, and so you might be interested in getting yourself some eco-paint. These paints are made with ingredients including clay, milk protein, and citrus. Some popular eco-paint brands are Earth Pigments and Bioshield.

2. Clean your driveway or patio

There’s no better way to improve the exterior of your home than to give your driveway and patio a nice clean. Start by checking for weeds, pulling them out, and repairing any cracked paving stones. Once you’ve got rid of the weeds and cracks, use a pressure washer to remove the dirt and grime. Neglecting our driveways or patios means that the dirt will build up over time, making it harder to remove.

3. Reverse your ceiling fans

Now that the summer is upon us, it’s time to reverse your ceiling fans. Set your fans to turn counter-clockwise. Doing so will move the air downwards, resulting in a lovely breeze. First, turn off your fan and then climb up to reach it with a ladder. From here, find the direction switch; once you’ve flipped the switch in the other direction, you can turn your fan back on.

4. Clean out your aircon filter

The hot weather has arrived, which means we’ll need our air-con systems to stay cool. Air conditioners need to have their filters cleaned out at least every few weeks. You can do this by using a vacuum cleaner or cleaning out the filter with a little warm water. Depending on how new your air-con system is, it might be equipped with a self-cleaning system.

5. Inspect basement and attic

Inspecting the attic and the basement isn’t such a fun job, but it does have to be done! Look inside both for signs of mildew, mold, or leaking water. While you’re here, look for any signs of pests too. To help with a moisture problem, one thing you can do is to use a dehumidifier. Another idea is to get yourself a sump pump. These are water pump devices that can eliminate moisture and prevent flooding in the home. For a top supplier, check out totalflo water pumps for sale.

6. Bleed your radiators

When pockets of air get trapped inside your radiator, they will need bleeding to get the air out. The trapped air makes it difficult for the radiator to circulate water, meaning they won’t function very well. If you find cold spots on your radiators, this means they need bleeding. During the summer, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using a heating system; however, it’s still nice to get simple jobs like this out of the way. To bleed your radiator, you’ll need to put a towel on the floor beneath the radiator. After this, you can use a radiator key and turn it anti-clockwise in the bleed valve. Once you hear a hissing sound, you can turn the key back to a neutral position.

7. Seal off cracks and gaps

Most homes will end up with a few gaps or cracks in the walls and ceilings over time. It’s important to seal these with caulk or call in a professional if the cracks are larger. Leaving cracks in your walls can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. It also makes it easier for pests to find their way inside.

8. Check your roof

Summer is a great time to go up on your roof and look for cracked tiles and debris in the gutters. Clean out the debris and replace any tiles that have suffered wear and tear. It’s important not to leave issues like these as they can lead to leaks and damage your home. If you’re not confident to replace roofing tiles yourself, it’s best to leave this to a professional.

9. General gardening tasks

Nothing beats a nice bit of gardening in the sunshine! A great place to start is with your spring bulbs; it’s best to trim the flower heads once they have started to wilt and die. Don’t trim the leaves, just let these continue to grow as they are. The leaves will help to feed your spring bulbs, and then you’ll see lovely flowers again next year.

Next up, plant some perennials to get some beautiful colors in your garden. Don’t forget to prune your shrubs once the flowers come up. Water all your plants regularly, and try using some neem oil to keep the pests away.

10. Pest control

During the summer pests like to make their way into our homes. To keep the pests at bay, try using some diatomaceous earth inside your house. It’s a natural powder that is made from the fossils of phytoplankton. Another natural remedy for pests is eucalyptus oil, simply apply a little to a cloth and then wipe it around the surfaces of your home. You could also try burning eucalyptus candles inside. If your home remedies aren’t doing the job, you may need to call in the experts. Pests are attracted to food debris, so ensure that you keep your kitchen clean and store your cupboard food in tight boxes.

To keep you organised at home, apps such as BrightNest can be useful for planning your tasks and getting things in order. Home maintenance doesn’t have to be a bore, why not complete your chores while listening to your favorite music, or have a cheeky glass of wine while you’re doing your gardening?

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