Four Tips for Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

Monday, May 18, 2020

While it’s been a great run, you’re ready to move on and find a new place to live. Whether it’s due to professional changes or the needs of a growing family, your current residence won’t cut it. In order to buy a new home, you’ve got to sell your current one. You may be able to sell quickly, but it’s worth checking to see if you can get top dollar with a few carefully selected upgrades. Here are a few tips for your consideration.

Upgrading Your Home’s Appearance

Improving the curb appeal of your house is essential for making a strong first impression on buyers. Projects that refresh or update your exterior can go a long way to helping you get good offers on your property. These types of improvements are usually affordable. Simple changes like refreshed or new landscaping, pressure washing the structure or replacing the front door help to add value for a relatively low cost. Consider working with an installer of inexpensive garage doors to see a return on investment of over 90%. That’s pretty good, considering how much a new garage door can impact your home’s curb appeal.

Remodeling Wisely

It’s true that your kitchen and bathrooms will reveal the true age of your home if they’ve never been renovated. These are two areas of the house that many owners target when it’s time to sell. Don’t fall into the trap of throwing too much money into these updates. A minor remodel of each of these will likely be your best bet. Look for sensible ways to give these rooms a facelift such as painting cabinets or replacing hardware instead of changing them out completely. For your kitchen, maximize your investment by replacing appliances and/or upgrading countertops. Avoid a complete overhaul, especially one that moves features to different parts of the room requiring new water and electrical connections.

Modernizing Your Home

Buyers love technology updates to the home, especially ones that improve your house’s energy efficiency. These types of renovations usually offer a return on investment that is greater than 100%. Who doesn’t love a home with features that can help reduce utility bills? Focus your energy and effort on upgrading your house’s HVAC system, water heaters and windows. The potential savings will appeal to buyers and make them feel as if they’re getting a good value.

Going Neutral

Most experts recommend going with popular, neutral colors for your home. Loud colors for your flooring and walls are a personal choice and may not sit well with visitors. You’ll want to choose colors that help lighten your rooms, making them look and feel cleaner and more spacious. Even if you don’t change the wall colors, a fresh coat of paint will hide wall stains and blemishes. Neutral colors tend to be the best as they are most conducive to helping a visitor imagine their belongings in a space.

When it comes to your home, there are many improvements you could make. You should focus on those that are going to help you sell the house by offering the most value. Look for upgrades that are DIY or can be done inexpensively to make the most impact.

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