Sixteen Solid Ways To Boost Curb Appeal

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Your home is one place you feel comfortable, which is why you spend money making it look perfect. However, if you have ideas to go ahead and sell your home at some point, you may think about improving the exterior of the place. Curb appeal is a big deal, and if you haven't considered what it could do for potential buyers, it’s time to think about it now. You shouldn't put your home on the market until you have done all of the upgrades that you want to do. Whether you are interested in selling right away, or you simply want your home to look fantastic, you should consider how the exterior of your house is going to impress others.
You need your exterior to impress you first - and that’s why you need as much help as possible to get your home ready to be valued. It helps to start by knowing how much your home is currently worth, and then you can work through how much you need to upgrade and spend. Really, this is the exciting bit! All of the planning that you can do will help you to add value to your space. Starting with the exterior and working your way in will help you to up the value of the house. So, with that in mind we have sixteen excellent ways you can start to build curb appeal for your home.
Red Pink Flower Hang on the Windows

Start With Going Green

While most people will think that this is to do with the environment, they’d be wrong. Instead, you need to consider going green on the outside of your home. Adding trees, bushes, flowers and more will make your home look fantastic. The same effect can work on planters and window boxes, offering your home an attractive option on the outside. Think about it: the homes that look the best are the ones that are full of life, and flowers and plants offer this. Plants can accentuate the way the house looks and offer you the chance to really make an entrance. It doesn't have to be much; even hanging plants can make a huge difference to the way people view your home. Trees offer a way to boost the gardens, especially if you have fruit trees on site!

Go To The Top

Have you ever considered checking out your roof? Missing tiles, blocked and cracked guttering and ripped insulation do not make for a secure roof. You need to get in the best roof company to help you to put your roof back together and make sure that it’s not going to be a liability for your buyers. You should have your roof assessed before you put the home on the market. The last thing that your new buyers need is a costly repair to make. So, look at the local roofing companies and call for a quote.

Look At The Lawn

You added greenery to the outside of the house in the form of plants and flowers, but you have to think about your grassy lawn, too. You don't need to be a professional gardener to make your lawn look luscious, but it can help to call in the actual professionals who can do it for you. You can care for your lawn and stay on top of the maintenance by pulling weeds, raking leaves and keeping it as hydrated as possible. If you aren't a fan of gardening at all, you can always replace your lawn with artificial turf. You’ll get year-round greenery and something that adds value to the home, too.

Make A Real Entrance

The front door is the first place that people will look when they come to your home to view it. Do you want them to wrinkle their noses or do you want them to be impressed? Painting the front door a bold color and giving it new life is a good idea. You can choose a color that accentuates the flowers you’ve planted, and you can even replace all the hardware to make it look new and beautiful. It’s a good way to make people feel happy and secure with the home they’re about to view: if the outside looks good, they can feel secure that the inside will, too.

Install New Lighting

If the pathway to your home is a dark one, it’s time to light it up. Add standing lamps or sconces in the walls to light the pathway. You can even add some solar lights along the edges of the path and add something to brighten up the space. You can give the entryway an instant boost, and you will make it look better at the same time.

Patterns & Colors

Believe it or not, you can achieve a classy look when you embrace patterns and colors. Symmetrical patterns can create a point that is wonderful to look at. You can add pants and lanterns and other patterns by the front doors and windows. You can do it around the garage door, too if you’ve run out of space by the door!

Mailbox Makeovers

If you have had your mailbox for a while, it may be a good idea to swap it for something more stylish. You could even build your own mailbox with bricks and stones for a more authentic option. A rusty, rotten mailbox is going to turn people away, and that won’t help with trying to establish curb appeal.

Go For The Gutters

We talked about the gutters already for the roofers, but you can clean the gutters without a professional to help you. Scrubbing the outsides and clearing out the gunk on the inside is so important. You can make a big difference to the fascia if you give it a proper deep clean.
12402 Mailbox during Sunrise

Make The Front Door Pretty

It may be common to have a wreath on the door at Christmas time, but you can buy decor and wreaths year-round to make your front door look pretty. You can choose those that are made from dried flowers and leaves and keep it on your door all year round.

Change The House Numbers

Did you know you can give your home exterior an instant upgrade when you swap out your house numbers? If your current ones are brass, you can make them look far better when you upgrade to silver or other metals. Pick a new font for the numbers and you will give the whole number or name of your home an upgrade.

Decorate Your Electrical Box

An electric box on the outside of the home can be really ugly. However, you can cover it up. When you add a cover to your electrical box, you can hide it from view and make it blend into the house. Without the eyesore on the exterior of the home, you can add more value and make it look great.

Cleaning House Is A Must

Grab the pressure washer and start zooming the driveway, the garage doors and the paths of the house. You can clean it all off and make your home look stunning. It’s amazing how much dirt can accumulate over time if you’re not regularly cleaning the exterior of the house.

The Perfect Stain

A garage door can often be expensive, but boring to look at. If you want to change things up, why not add a stain to your garage door? You can power wash the door to remove any grime and then paint on the stain. It’s not hard to do, but it will transform the garage door!

Make Those Repairs

Repairs around the interior of the house are not always difficult but they are time-consuming. Small repairs like screen doors and burnt out lights need to be changed if you want your home to look like it’s worth something. Quick fixes are those that can make a big difference.

Clear A Path

If you don't already have a pathway to your door, you could clean one and lay some paving. Border the paving with flowers and solar lights you’ve got yourself a clean, clear path to the door that looks welcoming.

Add A Bench Or Two

Outdoor furniture is not just for the back of the house. You can really improve the look of the front of your home with a well-placed bench and even a fountain. Bird baths and feeders also make for excellent exterior furniture that will brighten up the house.

Replace The Hardware

If you have door handles and knockers that need an upgrade, you’ll often find that replacing the hardware makes a big difference to the look of the home. You can even add a doorbell for a whole new way to boost your curb appeal.

Sometimes, value really does matter when you are selling the home. The look on the outside can matter to anyone walking up the path to view the house. If the outside looks good, then you are more likely to get a bite from the potential buyer.

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