Adventuress Review

Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Adventuress is a line of skin care products that were formulated to ensure radiant and protected skin. They are made of fine natural ingredients and take in to consideration the fact that many people have skin sensitivities or allergies. By combining some of the most healing ingredients out there, Adventuress can effectively protect, nourish, and restore your skin!

Their line contains the following: 
Naturally Liberating Cleanser which gets bacteria and dirt off your skin without stripping moisture. No more worrying about enflamed skin after a cleansing! 

Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier unblocks pores and hydrates and firms your skin. The fruit and plant extract ingredients purify and restore your skin! 

Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer gives great hydration and contains Rose Hip and Primrose oils for a lovely scent. 

High Performance Sunscreen guards your skin and moisturizes it at the same time. It’s very light weight and doesn’t have that obnoxious whitening effect. 

Wickedly Protective Envirobalm is great for burnt, chapped skin from the wind as it protects, takes down inflammation, and moisturizes. 

Sunscreen Swipes are great for on the go and protect your skin and prevent greasy residue on your hands. 

This is the perfect product line for people that love being outdoors but don’t enjoy the damage to their skin and body! I received some samples and I want to say that this stuff worked great as a moisturizer and as a sunscreen! The on the go wipes are so nice for taking with you to the beach, or on a day drip, or just when you plan to be outside for a while!
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