How I Organize My Closet

Monday, August 19, 2013

It’s a temporary thing, but right now I’m living at home with my parents so I am back in my old room, which means limited space.  When it comes to my closet, it is definitely hard to to downsize, however it made me realize how much less stuff I need, and how important it is to organize, especially in small spaces. 

I blogged about organizing a closet before but now it’s a bit different of a situation.

So here’s how I organize my closet:


I keep my off season shoes in a large plastic storage bin in the basement.   My current season shoes are organized on a $10 wooden rack from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

My sneakers, fancy dress heels, etc.  that I only wear once or twice a season, are kept in plastic shoe boxes ($1 from Dollar Tree) with a photo of the shoe on the side of the box. Trust me this helps a lot!  I keep them on the top shelf of my closet.

I keep my sandals and flip flops and spa slippers in a cute pink metal bin so that I can grab them easily, and I also keep them with my SummerSox (link to ) and my closet spray.


I organize my clothes by color and I even have tags to remind me how to order them.  
Pic of tags

I go by color, then by sleeve length.   I keep my off season sweaters under my bed in plastic storage bags

Tshirts are rolled and kept in a dresser drawer along with tank tops and camisoles.

Long, heavy jeans are kept in a dresser drawer for now, but my capris are kept in a basket on the top shelf in my closet.

I also keep my shorts and work pants in baskets on the top shelf

My black career pants are kept on this awesome hanger

And my colored skinny jeans are organized by ROYGBIV color on trouser hangers.

I keep my skirts together and my sweatshirts too

And I keep my tights and belts in a drawer that I organized using cardboard dividers. 

Hey, it may not look the best, but it works for me especially as a temporary fix.
I really just wanted to show you that even if you aren't a neat freak 24/7 you can still stay relatively organized in your closet so it's easier to get ready in the morning! 
Other Items
My most commonly used beauty supplies are on my dresser.

My excess makeup is kept in this awesome colorful storage drawer from Walmart. 

I organize it by type of makeup , or type of fashion fix item.   It’s great and it’s easily stored in my closet

My excess perfumes are stored in another plastic drawer as well as my sunglasses. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I stay organized for the time being.   What other ways do you know of to organize a small space?

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png


  1. Great organizing !

  2. I absolutely love your posts concerning closet organization, especially of the clothing variety. I myself just cleaned out my walk-in closet - downsizing for college! Thanks for your wonderful tips and tricks! Keep up the amazing work with your blog

  3. That's great!!! How properly you have managed each and everything. I also use storage boxes in my home for storing different things as we can put them anywhere and thus it also helps in saving space.

  4. This is quite awesome. I have recently re-organized my closet and these are the tips that I followed and some of them are really awesome. Thanks for sharing the same.


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