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Friday, August 30, 2013

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I stumbled upon a company called Coldfront in the funniest way! I was googling about the weather and was looking up weather terms when I saw a website that offered an amazing product that I certainly need!   Being a fashion lover, sometimes I don't wear the most comfortable shoes.... and sadly that can sometimes leave my feet swollen and inflamed and very painful.    I always say at work "I wish I had an ice pack with me".... and now I can.... because Coldfront is basically just that.  It uses patented Recool Technology to be an on-the-go cold pack that can relieve heat and pain without any mess or interruption in your day.  It's safe, easy to use, and can be carried in a purse.  If you suffer from heatflashes, this is a great product for you!!    It's excellent for burns and it's also great for sore muscles.   Plus.....   it lasts for 12 hours!!!!    ANd it won't be all messy and sloppy after the first few minutes of use so right there, it's a one of a kind product!    
 You wanna know another awesome way you can use coldfront?   If you ever had a tattoo, you remember the itchy phase when it's healing.  It's not hard to stop the itch of a new tattoo when you have a mini cold pack you can hold on it.   The cold dulls the itch sensation.   

Here's how you use it: 

And here's the coldfront I received: 

I was thrilled to receive this.  I love that the case it comes in is easy to open and close with the zipper, and also very durable and harder to protect whats inside.   The little net pockets hold to cold packs and the bags you can put them in.   The case is so discreet that no one will know what you are doing if you don't want them to.   

I can't believe how amazing this felt on my feet at work.   I just slid these in my shoes and let my feet sit inside them against the cold pack, while I worked at my desk.  I felt so much better by the end of the day walking out to my car in my work shoes.   This product will work wonders for so many people!  

And one winner will get a coldfront pack of their own!

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  1. I love that it can be put back in the case and re-chilled again so quickly.

  2. My favorite benefit is that it stays cold for up to 12 hours without being a drippy mess.

  3. I love the look of it and that it says cool for a long time. We use cold packs a lot at home for the kids and their boo-boos and this would be perfect for it. I usually have to switch packs a few times to get the hurt away from my little one - that is a drama queen. :-)

  4. I love the look and the convenient size.

  5. It would be a great product to have in a time of need;for aches, pains,strains,sprains,even to be able to cool down with on a hot day!Coldfront is AWESOME!

  6. I like that it stays cold for up to 12 hours without being a drippy mess.

  7. I love it that it helps with migraines!

  8. great for all types of heat relief, and even burns and boo-boos, too


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