Foxers Review

Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Foxers are women’s underwear that have the waistband of men’s boxer shorts.   It’s more comfortable than typical women’s underwear, but it still looks sexy and makes you feel fantastic.  It’s literally our own version of boxers!  The waistband is the key to the comfort because it’s snug and stays in place but it’s not itchy and it won’t move around like the typical thin panty waistlines that most of us are used to.  The designer, April Spring, was inspired to create Foxers after she realized that she enjoyed wearing soft cotton boxers as loungewear and could possibly make a women’s version!   They are made from 100% cotton shirting fabric and they can be machine washed.  Unlike typical women’sunderwear, Foxers are durable and you can even iron them!

I received the Black Baby Doll Chemise Nightie and the Rose Over Blue Lace Foxers.   First of all let me tell you that I never thought the Foxers could be so comfortable, but they are.  My lace Foxers even have a liner so you literally can wear them as your underwear.  This is perfect for sleeping. They are so soft and comfortable, don’t irritate me, and they look fantastic.  It’s great for wearing something super light that keeps you cool at night, not to mention, my boyfriend is a huge fan of them. 

The Black Baby Doll Chemise Nightie is super playful and comfortable.  Obviously, my boyfriend loves that one as well.  It’s very form fitting and it flatters my body in all the right ways.  Unlike other nighties I’ve worn, this one doesn’t itch or rub my skin the wrong way.  It’s a nice little piece to wear in the evening or to actually sleep in overnight.  It seriously looks and feels like a luxurious ritzy piece of lingerie but at a fraction of the cost.

Foxers make a great gift for girlfriends, friends, and even just for yourself!

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