Staying Healthy and Looking Beautiful at the Same Time

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Fashion and beauty shouldn't have to come at a cost, which is why it's important to always remember your health and proper hygiene all year round. Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself and look your best!

Get rid of nasty foot odor from your shoes, with SummerSox!

 These reusable, washable liners absorb sweat and odor so your shoes don't. If you like to go sockless in your flats (which , why wouldn't you?!) and you love wearing wedges or sandals, you definitely need these! DO NOT let your shoes get ruined because of a nasty smell!

Protect yourself from the heat with a stylish hat from The Trendy Boutique.

All it takes is one bad sunburn to ruin your week and your skin. Protect your face and keep yourself hydrated and cool with a freshly colored hat monogrammed with your initials!

Carry your important belongings with you no matter where you go.

Silvia's Handbags offers a line of gorgeous bags to suit your needs and your tastes! The Floto Capri Canvas Bag is lightweight and stylish but allows you to carry all of your items you might need.

Stay active and exercise to rock a great bod.

Feel Fit Wear offers a line of fashionable and high quality workout wear so you can look great and feel great. I especially love their Paratay Tank because of the sexy design with the back straps. It's so flattering for when you run.

Wear light colors in the sun!

Wink Shapewear offers a line of shape-friendly clothing, like a white Tummy Tucker Tank to keep you cool and held together. You can layer it for a nice polished look.
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