Blue Sky Organizing Products Review

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Blue Sky offers a fantastic line of organizing products such as calendars, planners, agendas, refills, binders, and other business accessories!  Not only that but they also come in beautiful designs, patterns, colors, and prints!  This makes being organized much more fun and stylish! I am a huge fan of stripes and chevron print so I was automatically attracted to Blue Sky simply by peeking at some of the gorgeous planners they offer!

I got lucky enough to review some planners and calendars.  The Dabney Lee Monthly Calendar is the perfect size for hanging because it is just one page and it already has a hanger in the spiral binding. While it's spacious and plain, the beautiful yellow pattern on mine makes me WANT to use this more and more everyday.  I even got creative and wrote different events in different color ink! 

Above, you can see my new blog planner! It's the Dabney Lee Monthly-Weekly Planner!  Sturdy and securely bound, I love the grasshopper design and the monthly and weekly breakdown.  I plan out my posts and then go through the weeks and check off my posts as I write them.  It's double the organization which makes it much more efficient! I love the thickness of the pages, it's just right, and I absolutely love all the colors! It measures 10x8 so it fits perfectly in my work tote.

This little gem gits in my handbag! It's a Dabney Lee Monthly-Weekly Planner measuring 3.625x6.125. I love how cute the bubble design is but I also love that despite it's tiny size, there's somehow still plenty of writing space!

And then I also received my new desk planner for at work.  The Dabney Lee Monthly-Weekly Planner in 8x5.875.  It's got enough room to write in work to-do lists that go by the month and week, yet it isn't bulky and obnoxious on my desk. The grey pattern is nice and subtle too!

I am so happy I found my new place to get all my planners and refills from!  Also, it's important to know that these go from July to July which is nice and much more efficient for me than Jan-December calendars! 

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