Chewy True Chews Lil Pig Ears Review

Friday, August 23, 2013

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I don’t know about your dogs, but my 4 chihuahuas LOVE chewies and rawhides.  The only downside to that is the risk of them choking on a piece of rawhide.  I don’t want to deprive them of what they love, so I’m thrilled with True Chews Lil Pig Ears from Chewy.  They are rawhide-free (but your dogs won’t know that) and they don’t contain fillers.   A 100% natural treat that’s slow-roasted and lightly smoked to give a nice natural flavor and just the right amount of chewiness.     The Lil size is perfect for my small dogs!  Rawhides can be very very dangerous.  Dogs can chew them into pieces and then try to swallow the pieces and choke on them.  If they do manage to swallow them, they can still get caught and twisted in your dog’s intestines and cause A LOT of issues.   Overall, it’s a much better idea to use a rawhide alternative.

I received a bag, and let me tell you my babies were so thrilled.   They wanted to devour them but these took them some time which was perfect because they stayed out of my hair, and they didn’t try to steal each others, since none of them could devour theirs in less than 2 minutes, which is what we are used to with chewies like this.   I am thrilled that there are no fillers in this product because I already feed my dogs healthy, all natural, holistic food, and it contains zero fillers or harmful ingredients, so I certainly don’t want to offset that with their diet.  

If you take care of your pets like I do, you certainly will want to opt for True Chews like I did!!!

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