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Monday, August 5, 2013

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YogaPro is a brand that strives to deliver you the best when it comes to yoga, whether it's starting a home practice, physical therapy, athletic coaches, spa directors, yoga teachers, or just at home personal use.  One of their products is YogaToes, which help keep you strong and able to better avoid injury.  YogaToes stretches your feet and fights foot pain caused by cramped feet in tiny shoes, tired feet from using them all day, and problems like hammer toes and bunions. It uses the power of extension.  And it's great for people with claw toes, hammer toes, flat feet, poor circulation, Plantar Fasciitis and more! When your muscles are relaxed, your circulation increases and when using YogaToes it helps balance your entire body and improve posture.  It strengthens and stretches foot muscles and exercises the toes!

It's amazing how this product works between, above, and beneath the toes to stretch them apart from each other and away from the ball of your foot.   You can feel the muscles stretching and it actually feels great, not uncomfortable at all. 
I received a set of YogaToes and this is perfect for my Plantar Fasciitis.  I gradually increased my usage by the day when I started using this.  It was NOT uncomfortable at all and if anything it forced me to sit/lay down and relax for about 10 minutes when I used YogaToes.  It felt so good to stretch my toes out and not have to forcefully hold the stretch myself.  After 3 weeks of daily use, I feel so much better and my Plantar Fasciitis is not as much of a burden as it was before.   I followed the directions and wet my toes before slipping these on and it made it so easy!   After each use, my feet feel as relaxed and rejuvenated as they do after a foot massage, seriously!  This product is FANTASTIC!

And you can save $10 on your purchase of YogaToes or YogaHands with the coupon code TOESHAND!

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