McInc Soda Bottle Wasp Trap Review

Monday, August 26, 2013

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McInc offers a line of innovative and useful products for every aspect of your life.  Whether it’s useful items around the home, or even outdoors, McInc has a wide variety to choose from.  In their outdoor line, they offer some really neat Bird feeders that you can make from a soda bottle.    I love stuff like that, and I love anything outdoors.  There is one thing I don’t like and that’s wasps!! They scare me and I am outside less when I know they are around.   But McInc just changed that for me, with their Soda Bottle Wasp Trap!

I received one from them and I am so glad I did because I now don’t have to worry about them bugging me when I am laying out in the sun!   The Soda Bottle WaspTrap   converts an empty plastic soda bottle into a trap for wasps and bees simply by adding sugar and water (or soda).   You just twist the plastic catcher on (the instructions show you how and are very easy to follow) and then set it outside.  Wasps will be so tempted and end up climbing inside to get a sip.  Once they go inside, they can’t get out.    Brilliant!!!  It’s so cheap and easy to put together that it’s a shame more people don’t use this.   You wouldn’t believe how many wasps used to hang around my driveway and bother me when I’d be outside in the yard with the dogs.  Now, they all went over to the trap and I think the message got out to stay away from me and my home!

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