MOS Organizer Review

Monday, August 19, 2013

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The MOS Organizer is an amazing little organizing system for cords and cables. I know personally I have a plethora of wires and cords around my desk at home because of my Macbook, iPhone, printer, and plenty more! The MOS Organizer has a sleek and modern look and comes in three different colors: black, white, and anodized aluminum. They all have a scratch resistant surface as well! The bottom of the MOS has a layer of micro-suction tape so that when you secure it to your desk, there's no residue if you ever have to take it off. it won't slide around when you remove or add cables and if it's dirty you can rinse the suction cups with water and clean them! There are 3 magnetic cable ties with the MOS that help extra stubborn cables stick. And they can fit all different sizes of cables. And if you want to mount the MOS Organizer on your wall, there is 3M double sided adhesive included.

I received a black MOS Organizer and this thing is awesome. I love the modern look of this and no one knows what it is so it takes care of the embarassing explanation of a trillion wires everywhere! I love that it's magnetic and I love that it was able to secure all of my wires regardless of their size. They just laid neatly overtop in a row and blended into the background of my room. It was so nice to have an easy way to organize my cords without having to tie things, stretch things, and getting down and dirty on the floor!

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